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Very nice shop with beautiful interior and staff. Always helpful and I always find something for myself. I wish all clothes shops would be like that. Keep that up!
A beautiful shop with wonderful service. I have never failed to find suitable gifts for friends and family. Prices are reasonable and products varied and unusual. Definitely worth a visit. You will keep going back.
This beautiful shop is full of really tasteful presents for any woman in your life. The service is always with a smile and attention to detail is everywhere, especially the wrapping!!
Jainey the friendly and fashionable owner is very welcoming to her serendipitous shop full of beautiful, colourful goodies for the home and for the person.
The shop is beautiful, the owner is delightful, there is so much stuff and everything is tasteful and quite unique, all price range and all very sensibly priced. I guarantee that you will find a beautiful gift and come back with something for yourself as well as you won't resist! By the way, the shop is in East Molesey High Street.
Always very helpful. Lots of nice new things in all the time. Always something different to look at. Happy for you first to browse with no pressure selling. Well laid out shop and good window display - also supports local charity and has fundraising events for some and is happy to donate prizes. A pleasure to recommend Daisy Jaine as it's always a pleasure to shop in such a lovely shop with first class staff.
"I loved the shop and I liked the music. The shop was full of pretty things. The lady was very nice." - Ruby, age 6.
Daisy Jaine is a real treasure trove full of the most fabulous & unique girly gift ideas! It's my first stop when looking for presents as it offers stunning jewellery, bags, scarves & compacts ... all in a rainbow full of colours and gift wrapped so beautifully! The prices are reasonable & there's a wide range for whatever budget you have to spend. This boutique makes shopping fun because the owner is so friendly & offers great advice without any pressure to buy. It's always a pleasure to stop by as there's always new stock! I absolutely adore my new ehnic print maxi dress that I bought from Daisy Jaine last week ... I've had so many compliments already so thank you! :o)
A lovely shop filled with unusual jewellery, bags and gifts. I never leave without something.
The Tea Poet thinks Daisy Jaine understands what "loving all the little things" means. She also supports local businesses... but best of all? She has a brilliant eye for the beautiful and unusual when it comes to accessories.
An Aladdin's Cave. Really beautiful products - beautifully displayed - stylish, quirky and unusual. One can always find that special something for that special person! I adore the shop and also the charming proprietor - a real asset to East Molesey. We're very lucky!
Daisy Jaine is a must if you are looking for a gift that extra bit special. There are some unique items to be found at the shop matched by a very welcoming host in Jainey. I would definitely recommend a visit to Daisy Jaine.
An Aladdins cave brimming with unusual and lovely things to either give away as gifts or to treat yourself. Stock is constantly changing so a visit at any time always gives fresh ideas. The owner, Daisy is a charming person always ready to help but never overbearing. Kate Gibson, Purley
Wonderful selection of gifts, bought some great Christmas presents this year just gone. Jaine is a great host and helpful with suggestions and idea's and obviously passionate about what she does. Thanks again for your help and would recommend highly!!
Daisy Jaine is a great shop. Jainey always has brilliant product knowledge and is very helpful and friendly. She never makes you feel pressured to buy. There are loads of fantastic items in the shop, many of which are quite unusual. Definitely worth a visit to Molesey just to see what Jainey has. There are often new items in. It is a great shop for gifts for friends or for yourself!
Jainey is such a fantastic shop owner. She always recognises you when you go in, even if it has been a little while!! You are made to feel really special when she asks if you would like to be kept informed of special offers and shopping evenings, as she handwrites this into a little girlie notepad. The products she sells are gorgeous and great for present buying and when you would decide to treat yourself. we need more independent shop owners like this in the UK to keep us all from buying in supermarkets.
Jaine obviously loves what she does and is exuberant about all her wares. She remembers her clients and always makes them feel special. This is what makes me come back and recommend her shop. The items she has are priced reasonably and I can always find a little something as a quick gift which is different and special.
Its a very welcoming shop with a lovely relaxed attmosphere, thats why I love going in there. The prices are at a good range, which makes shopping so easy (sometimes too easy!) Its an amazing place to buy presents in too. I wish it continuing success. Best wishes. x
This shop has definitely brightend up this shopping parade. The window displays are regularly changed and entice people in to browse the exquisite and unusual jewellery, accessories and clothes on offer. Instead of loud pop music playing there is tranquil music which gives a very relaxed atmosphere. Special offer days and loyalty email customers benefit throughout the year. Christmas, birthday and celebration days are all catered for and makes buying presents for friends and relatives very easy and they are even beautifully wrapped.
Daisy Jaine is ‘girl heaven’ for all those who love accessories, scarves, bags, clothes and shoes! The best thing about Daisy Jaine is the uniqueness of the lovely products and also the customer experience! I highly recommend a visit for a special treat!
Having recently moved into the area, it was a lovely surprise to find such a charming shop in the high street for East Molesey. It is a real treasure house, with such a lovely range of fashion accessories, beautifully displayed and at sensible prices. It is rare to get such personal service, too. Definitely a place to visit.
Visiting Daisy Jaine is like walking into Aladdin's Cave...so many lovely and unusual items that you want to treat yourself, rather than buy a present! Daisy is friendly and helpful, whether you are browsing or buying, and her gift wrapping is spectacular! The shop is a great asset to East Molesey and will hopefully be around forever. Long live Queen Daisy!! Anna
Daisy Jaine is one of my favourite shops and you are always made to feel really welcome whether you're browsing or buying. It's a great place for gifts and all are wrapped beautifully. Anne
I really love Daisy Jane, my favourite shop. I am especially fond of the lovely handbags. It is my first port of call for any gifts as there is something for everyone. Daisy Jane makes every gift really special with the care and attention taken in wrapping them. Alice
I absolutely love this shop! So many stylish items of jewellery, bags, clothing, etc. to be found in here and you never feel pressurised by Jainey to make a purchase when you enter inside. Anything you do buy is beautifully gift wrapped. This is an asset to East Molesey high street and I highly recommend a visit. Melanie
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