Clap For Our Carers National Day #ClapForOurCarers
  • From anywhere and everywhere
  • Thursday 25th March 8:00pm until 8:05pm
2020 the year of Coronavirus – and what an impact it had on our country and the world – but it made us appreciate our essential workers.

Clap For Our Carers National Day

Thursday 25th March 2021


Anywhere and everywhere


Many were locked away in their homes knowing that leaving them could expose them to the potentially deadly virus.

But many braved the outside world to keep our country going.

We have always known that the NHS workers were vital to us – even in the days before Coronavirus – but this made us realise just how brave they were as they worked on the front line daily. 

But there were also many many other essentials workers who continued their work to allow us to feel safe and keep the country going. 

Here are just some:  

The nursing home carers, home carers. postmen, refuse men, transport workers, supermarkets and corner shops, National Grid (keeping the power turning in the country), delivery men (the whole world was buying on-line and needed it delivered!), charity workers, council workers helping keep the shielded fed and cared for – and of course the police keeping continuity in our communities. 

We may have missed some – but you know who you are – and we thank you for going above and beyond for us. 

Starting on Thursday 26th March 2020 Clap For Our Carers started – we went to our front doors, our windows, our balconies, our streets – always with Social Distancing – and we clapped, we screamed, we banged saucepans in the hope that our essential workers would hear us. 

So let’s make sure they know we still remember the work they did. 

Let’s go out into our streets tonight at 8 o’clock and show them how grateful we are.



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