Congratulations to @gesspeaking - professional member of the Professional Speakers Association @psauk
17th August 2015
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Ges Ray – Speaking in public has just been accepted as a professional member of the Professional Speaking Association. 

As with any industry it’s important to keep up with the latest trends and skills. The Professional Speaking Association is an important body in the world of public speakers. 

With regular meetings and publications – it gives its members the opportunity to hear about the latest news in their industry.   

It also offers workshops and Mastermind Groups where members can share their experiences and pass valueable skills and knowledge on to others. 

Ges Ray is a regular speaker in the area, and through his company Speaking in Public – he assists many companies and individuals in the art of speaking – and getting their message across to others. 

To learn more about the association visit

The Professional Speaking Association


For more information on Ges Ray visit

Ges Ray – Speaking in Public

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