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Communicate more effectively with your clients by talking to Telecoms World PLC in Epsom and Ewell. Offering first class telecoms, solutions and services, they will ensure you grow your business with confidence.

Telecoms World PLC

Virtual Phone Numbers and Call Solutions in Epsom and Ewell

Established in 2002, Telecoms World PLC in Epsom and Ewell provide businesses with innovative and more effective ways to communicate.

With thirteen years’ experience in the industry, the knowledgeable developers and engineers help businesses of all sizes to communicate better with their customers.

Inbound Call Solutions

Working with organisations of all sizes, Telecoms World PLC provide award winning hosted call management services and solutions:

  • Call Routing - Web based call management allowing you to divert calls to UK landline or mobile phone numbers and more!
  • IVR Solutions – Interactive Voice Response “Press 1 for more Sales”, “Press 2 for improved Customer Service”. Direct calls to the correct team members.
  • Call Recording - Deliver the best service to your customer by recording calls and handling agreements and disputes quickly and effectively.
  • Call Queuing - Manage high call volume in real time using the In-Cloud Call Queuing facility.
  • Call Analytics - Understand call trends from new and existing clients in order for you to best manage missed calls, staffing levels and call overflow.
  • Fax to Email - Remove the old fax machine and receive faxes straight into your inbox.
  • Contact Centre - management of your incoming calls from an online call centre.
  • Conference Calls -  allows you to choose your own number and create bespoke conference calls using your telephone keypad.
  • Virtual Receptionist – hire a professional virtual assistant to professionally answer your business calls.

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Innovative ways to communicate.

Virtual Phone Numbers

Customers often prefer to deal with a local company than a national business and Telecoms World in Epsom and Ewell offer Virtual Landline Telephone Numbers commencing 01 and 02 as well as over 520 area codes from across the UK.

Giving you a virtual presence in your chosen area, customers will be delighted by only paying local call rates.

Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum packages are available that may include:

  • Landline and Mobile Minutes
  • Landline Rate After Included Minutes
  • Mobile Rate After Included Minutes
  • Call Management – the ideal way to control and monitor your calls

You can even manage your business calls during and outside of office hours using a call routing solution, this gives you a range of facilities to configure where and when calls are answered. Changes to call routing are saved instantly and active in seconds!

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Telecoms World PLC

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A virtual presence in your chosen area. 

Why Choose Telecoms World PLC?

It’s simple ….

  • The team are friendly and experienced.
  • They will enhance the way you handle your clients and staff.
  • They understand what it takes to build a successful business.
  • They offer cutting edge communication services.
  • They will help you communicate better with your customers. 

If you want to improve the way you communicate with your customers, talk to Telecoms World PLC today.

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