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In July 2020, Helen said:
I have just had my final counselling session that was provided to me by my local foodbank. It has really helped me deal with issues I have had for many years caused by a very abusive relationship with my ex-husband, although we have been divorced for many years, it was the mental health I was left with and the guilt. With the help from my wonderful counsellor, who was patient. helpful, understanding, has helped me come to terms with my issues and deal with my mental health and the guilt I felt. I have found my sessions extremely helpful and I am a different person now than the person I was when I first came to my first session, and that is due to time that was given to me for which I am extremely grateful, It has been a hard time but I am much better for it now.
In April 2016, Ann A said:
dear Gillian, sadly I think the time has come for my sessions with you to come to a has been wonderful - the insights I have gained and your continuous support and understanding during the tough times - especially with my daughter! You also have utterly changed my understanding of prayer - always before with too much emphasis on formal prayer - I feel (reluctantly) the next session should be my last , with, I hope, always your door open should things become too troubling again.
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I have known Gillian since 2018 and she has always been a lovely, kind person, doing amazing things to help the local community. Gillian is a very professional counsellor and, as a fellow practitioner,...
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