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Do you have a legal matter you need help with? Then contact Cuff and Gough. A local friendly practice, they believe in ‘Law in the Real World’.

Solicitors in Banstead

Residential Conveyancing, Wills, Trusts, Probate and Power of Attorney, Matrimonial & Family Law, Notary services

Serving Banstead, Epsom & Ewell and surrounding villages

The Law In The Real World

Run by partners Jeremy Cuff and Debbie Phillips, Cuff and Gough in Banstead are a friendly practice who believe in Law In The Real World.

They take the legal language and explain it in terms we can all understand.

They return calls and emails.

They keep you advised and updated on your issues.

Cuff and Gough always put their customer first.

Debbie specialises in residential conveyancing, so if you are buying, selling or have requirements related to property, give her a call.

Jeremy deals with Wills, trusts, probate and power of attorney cases. You will find he is very easy to talk to even at what can sometimes be a difficult time.

Cuff and Gough also offer professional services related to family and matrimonial law with Monica. And should you require a Notary – Joanne Orbell is on hand.

Cuff and Gough – Real Lawyers for The Real World

01737 851827

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 What Cuff and Gough Offer You

During our lifetimes, most of us will need advice on The Law at some point. Whether for a happy or sad occasion, we will tend to be wary simply because we do not always understand the implications and the language of the law. We therefore need solicitors who are approachable, friendly and who understand our concerns, issues and frustrations.

Cuff and Gough realise this, and their aim is to lower the barrier between you and mystery of the law. Their practice offers many different services which you can call on:

Trusts, Wills & Probate

Does your ‘To Do Tomorrow’ list include – Make a Will? If it does, then do it today as tomorrow could be too late.

Heaven forbid a tragedy should happen – but sadly they do, and you need to sure that the ones you love are cared for. Without a Will the law takes over – and this is a law based on what is legally right – and not necessarily what is morally right.

Do you understand Inheritance Tax and Trusts? Are you happy for the tax man to take a chunk from your estate?

The solicitors at Cuff and Gough can help you create a watertight Will, even with the complex relationships many people have nowadays. Sometimes the on-line – fill in the blank forms –are just not sufficient. They can also help you prepare for the future should you become incapacitated. In the form of Power Of Attorney declarations.

When a loved one does sadly die, things are so much simpler for their families if a Will is in place, but even then there are a lot of steps to be taken – obtaining the Grant of Probate; contacting legal departments; Tax considerations ; gathering the assets and estate; distributing those assets.

Without a Will, probate cannot be granted – so a Letter of Administration has to be applied for, an often more time consuming and complex process.

A timely note – if you have a Will does someone know where it is? If it cannot be found it is deemed lost or never written.  When Cuff and Gough write a Will they lodge it on the Certainty Wills register so it can always be located.

Make sure your loved ones are provided for – call Jeremy at Cuff and Gough


Residential Conveyancing 

Probably the most expensive transaction in most peoples lives – so you need to get it right. 

The buying and selling of property can be very stressful – so many parties involved – so many steps down the line to completion – and some of these requiring immediate attention. 

Cuff and Gough can help take a lot of that stress away. They understand your concerns and will keep you up to date on all the movements – making the process, whether buying or selling, as smooth as possible. 

Let Cuff and Gough ease the path of conveyancing - give Debbie a call

Matrimonial and Family Law 

Matters affecting the break-up of a relationship can be very difficult to face. But sadly they must be faced. Monica at Cuff and Gough understands the issues, and especially the practical steps that have to be taken.

Covering all your concerns – children, accommodation, finance, she can help you address these and come to as best a resolution as possible.

As with all the staff at Cuff and Gough Monica is very approachable and is there to help you. If you need her help she is happy to take an initial free of charge call where you can see if you feel she is the one to work for you.

Fortunately not all break-ups are permanent and Monica may also be able to help you resolve your relationship issues. Monica can also help with new and on-going issues such as pre-nuptial and cohabitation agreements.

If Divorce is to happen see details of the Cuff & Gough

Fixed Fee Divorce

 Law related family issues – contact Monica  she may be able to help

Notary Public

A notary is a public officer whose official seal and signature is recognised all over the world as a reliable source of evidence of the facts and events that he or she records and verifies. 

You will usually need this service when dealing with documents which are being sent abroad. Often related to property documentation abroad, or simply verification of identity.

 Need a notary? - give Joanne Orbell a call.

 A Community Supporter

Cuff and Gough believe in supporting their local community and take an active part in many local clubs, charities and events.

The main sponsor for Banstead Cricket Club - they sponsor the club shirts and support various events throughout the year.

They are also proud sponsors of the Sutton & Epsom Girls Youth Team - an increasingly popular sport in the area.

Banstead May Queen - this annual event is always great fun and the Cuff and Gough team take an active part in supporting it.

Cuff and Gough - believe in the community

Contact Cuff and Gough for ‘Law In The Real World’

01737 851827

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