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Marketing Tip – Start with Why
10th November 2020
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It is fair to say, as business owners, we are no strangers to change. And if there has ever been a more apparent time to talk about change, it is now.

Things change - all the time; sometimes it’s changes that we’ve set in motion, sometimes it’s unexpected.

However, throughout the inevitable changes that life and entrepreneurship throw our way, it’s only if we are clear and focused on why it is that we do what we do that we will deal with those changes in the right way; a way that will spur on the success of our businesses. 

Because any business can say WHAT they do and HOW they do it, but if you can tell customers WHY you exist (for them), you’ll find it a lot easier to attract the type of customers you really want. 

And now is a great time to get your ‘WHY’ sorted as people will be at home looking online to find products and services that talk to and resonate with them. 

Simon Sinek’s book ‘Start With Why’ is the first, crucial step in realising your WHY. It will explain my reasoning for thinking about your ‘WHY’ perfectly, so I hope it has as significant of an impact on you as it has on me. 

You can search for ‘Simon Sinek – Start with Why’ to buy the book but this talk that he delivered a few years ago will do the trick. And if you have staff, it is definitely worth showing it to them too. 


☎️ And if you want help putting out your ‘WHY’ to your target audience, then give us a call on 01737 350 079 or email us at epsom@thebestof.co.uk


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