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Marketing Tip – Outsourcing
20th October 2020
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👀 We’ve seen again and again one phenomenon that separates the hugely successful from every other small business. It’s more than a great idea. 💡

It’s more than hard work and dedication. 💪 

The real difference is in how smart business owners have structured their organisations, so they spend their time growing the business. 📈 

🔍 They focus only on areas of strategic importance that they can do really well. 

And just as importantly, they do not focus on tasks that are not strategically important or they aren’t skilled at.

But there are still so many businesses getting this wrong. 🥴 

🛑Stop the insanity! 🛑

Take, for example, bookkeeping. You want to be super successful, but you’re spending your time keeping the books? A bookkeeper can cost as little as £10-£15 per hour. It’s insanity not to use one!

Let us take this a step further. The website is critical, but you unless your business is Web Design, you shouldn’t be designing it yourself. If you’re not an expert, or you flat out hate these kinds of functions, then you’re not the person to do them! ❌ 

Open up to opportunities

That’s where outsourcing comes in. 😃 If you don’t have the domain expertise you need, or you’re wasting time on non-strategic tasks, outsourcing is the way to go! Now, more than ever, this is the way small businesses and start-ups will become big businesses winners. 👌 

Outsourcing is your portal to some of the most impeccable talent in the U.K. and the world.

All over the globe, smart people are choosing freelancing and consulting to get jobs done. Outsourcing today is the way many smart companies prefer to do business. 

Get out of the way of your business!

🤔Look back at how you spent your time today. How much of it was genuinely related to growing your business, to achieving the huge success you seek?

How much of it was doing administrative and other functions you should outsource?

And how much was time did you lose in tasks you know you are not very good at? 

Remember, the winners are thinking and acting very differently. They are moving quickly, and if you’re not keeping up, they’re taking your market share! 😲 

☎️ And if you’d like some help sorting which tasks you should be doing and which you should outsource or want to know who to outsource to then give us a call on 01737 350 079.

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