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Marketing Tip – Beginners Guide to Crafting an Ad
14th October 2020
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Over the last few weeks, we’ve given you some tips on specific parts of ads, as we know so many businesses get their ads wrong – and so they don’t work, or don’t generate the response that was hoped for... and the business owners decides, wrongly, that ‘advertising doesn’t work’. 😒

So we’ve put together a quick ‘Beginners Guide’ that combines the most important elements to creating a good ad. 😃

✔️Use this as a checklist when you’re pulling your next ad together: 

✍️ RULE 1

Must always have a HEADLINE

Don’t put your business name at the top of your ad. No-one cares. Craft a headline that sells the benefits of what you do. 

💰 RULE 2

Must always have an OFFER

An offer gives people a reason to respond. Your ad performance will soar once you establish this habit. Of course, the better the offer, the better the response, so you’ll need to try different offers for different target groups to find what works best. But don’t run an ad without an offer. Please! 

🗓️ RULE 3

Must always have a DEADLINE

Every offer must have a deadline. It creates urgency and reinforces the need for your reader to take action. 

✂️ RULE 4

Must CUT THROUGH THE CLUTTER and get noticed. 

There’s no prizes for being the same as everyone else. 

The more outrageous your ads, the higher your response. 

📷 RULE 5

Make good use of photos.

Effective use of real photos almost always increases response – so use ‘em! 

📞 RULE 6


Make it crystal clear what you want people to do once they’ve read your ad. Incentivise them to visit your website, tell them what number to call. Make it easy to take action. 

So have a look at your most recent ads and just check them against this list. And if you need some help with your next ad campaign, give us a call on 01737 350 079 ☎️



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