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Linda Burke's Holistic Centre offering a wide range of therapies for body and Mind.

Empower yourself to design and live your life on purpose with the help of Linda Burkes Breakthrough Life Coaching. Linda is based at the Holistic Wellness Centre and specialises in providing a breakthrough in all your health  and quality of life issues - the natural way.




Linda Burke MCSP SRP Lic Ac MRQA is a Master NLP, Time Line Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Chartered Physiotherapist, Naturopath and Meta Health Coach. She is passionate about providing a breakthrough in Health and well-being.


She has studied many different medical disciplines and therapies, both orthodox and complimentary. Working in her Holistic Therapy Centre she offers an integrated approach combining different therapies to utilise their synergistic effect, facilitating healing.

Along with these therapies the Centre offers Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Meta Medicine/ Breakthrough Health Coaching, Nutrition Advice, Reiki, Aromatherapy and Kineseology.



Life Coaching

What is life Coaching?
Life coaching tackles the fundamental issues and challenges we face in modern life, and will enable you to bring about lasting transformation in those areas. It introduces a committed, experienced ally into the personal realm of your life offering you a fresh perspective on those issues and challenges. We form a collaborative alliance, the synergy of which powerfully enables you to clarify your priorities, achieve your goals, and create your wonderful life...

What you could achieve...
The skill and expertise of a life coach will facilitate you to locate and utilise your inner resources and wisdom. A coach believes in you 100% and is totally aligned with you having your dreams become your reality.

Together we enable you to:

  1. Discover a vision for your life, and a compelling sense of purpose
  2. Apply step by step planning to realise your aspirations, goals and dreams.
  3. Identify, tackle, and eradicate those old issues, attitudes and obstacles that are hard -wired in your neurology, which hold you back at present.
  4. Enable you to live without resistance and conflict, and with respect for self and others.
  5. Move effortlessly through challenges with renewed courage, confidence, and success.
  6. Evaluate your choices with renewed inspiration and integrity
  7. Enable you to relate to others from a naturally confident, relaxed and happy centre.
  8. Gain clarity in your beliefs, values and strategies
  9. Allow yourself to step off the treadmill, design the future, and enjoy the journey
  10. Excel effortlessly.



The coaching environment is confidential, professional, supportive, non-judgmental, and positive, offering you helpful feedback. The questioning skills of a Master NLP coach will facilitate easy access to those deep, hidden issues that run our lives from behind the scenes. A good coach will challenge you, and hold you to account to enable you to stay focused, and achieve the breakthrough results you desire, really quickly.



We are all so much MORE than we allow ourselves to be. It's never too late to take control of your life.



If you feel stuck, lost your purpose in life, or seem to be hindered by negative thoughts and emotions, breakthrough coaching can totally transform your experience of life and set you free to be wonderful, vibrant and successful person you know you really are.

Give your self this gift.


If you feel that any of our holistic therapies could help you, or you simply want to find out more, please get in touch
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