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Good luck getting served. Staff just standing around chatting while multiple customers waiting. Have tried to get work done there three times and waited over 10mins EVERY time before simply leaving. Only tried that many times because was bored waiting for the wife at Tesco across the street.
Excellent service from these guys, nothing is ever a problem. Friendly staff, who explained everything they did before proceeding, they also offered me a range of tyres and let me choose my own price bracket.
How much better this world would be without bad feelings and hatred in our hearts. So, one decides to get his car checked and is acting on some 'good advice' to visit a local business, which is promoted as 'reputable'. However, what a shock it has been to get taunted with inflammatory names and other expletives only because one is speaking with a 'foreign accent'? Better still, if that was not enough, an overcharge of 25% on the original invoice concluded this very nice experience quite nicely. Now, that must be the way to make money and earn respect in society. Well done, Lakeland Cryers
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