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Cadden Funeral Director’s, Enniskillen – Offering a complete professional range of funeral services carried out with dignity and respect, across Co Fermanagh, Co Cavan, Co Monaghan, and Co Leitrim.

The Best of Enniskillen recommends Cadden Funeral Directors in Enniskillen Co Fermanagh



Cadden Funeral Directors, Enniskillen is Fermanagh’s newest funeral directors, this family run business, specialise in offering a complete 24 hour funeral service, with the upmost of respect and dignity at all times

Cadden Funeral Directors understand that this can be the hardest thing for anyone to have to do, Eamon and Mary offer a sensitive and supportive service to put people at ease.



Eamon Cadden funeral directors offers competitive rates, apart from offering complete funeral services, Cadden funeral directors are also there for you at this most sensitive time, offering a friendly and supportive approach to you and the families involved. 

  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Diginity
  • Trust

Cadden Funeral Directors offers a modern fleet of Vauxhall Hearse and Limousines.



Cadden Funeral directors will work with you offering you the support and guidance you need, taking the responsibility in their hands, relieving you of some of the burden. 



Cadden's loyal and experienced staff are here to offer advice on the type of funeral requested, whether modern or traditional, always fully respectful of their client’s wishes. Being an independent funeral directors they can offer flexibility and personal involvement, required to provide a truly personal service.

As funeral directors who believe in excellence and professionalism. Cadden’s will work with you throughout the whole arrangements.

Cadden funeral directors pride their family run business on their dignity, respect, compassion and trust. 



For more information please call:
Enniskillen 028 66 32 9938 or
Eamon Mobile 07718573502
Mary Mobile 07718573502



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