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When I set up my self catering business at Craigwell Cottage in Calton Road, I started looking around for places where I could recommend that my guests go for good quality locally produced food. I didnʼt realise at that time that we were just a short walk from such an excellent bakery. I wrote up a piece on it for my blog about local shops near Craigwell Cottage on: However, The Manna House has also become a favourite cafe for a friend and I when we go on regular walks around this wonderful city of ours. We try to walk for an hour and a bit, then have a coffee and a sit-down chat, then another walk for an hour or so. But weʼve found ourselves increasingly drawn to finding routes in which the Manna House becomes the place to sit down. The coffees are large enough to satisfy, and the pastries are quite simply superb - although I must say Iʼve a personal preference for the delicious cakes such as the very interesting beetroot fruit cake and the lemon cake.
This Bakery isnʼt the cheapest place to buy bread, but the additional cost is well worth the superior products baked on the premises. Delicious bread, rolls, etc, and the best cakes youʼll find anywhere!
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