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" I didn't 'get' Power Plate until I came to studioEH1, you simply would not put yourself through this on your own - you're pushed way outside your comfort zone."

If you want to get fit, get into shape and get all the encouragement to do it then StudioEH1 is the place to go! The trainers are motivational and are always changing the workouts to keep it fresh and interesting. Three sessions a week has toned me up and changed my body shape. Why dont you give it a go today?
The best!
I have been a member of studioEH1 for longer than I have been at all of my previous gyms put together. It is the most fun I have ever had exercising, and the most effective! The personal training pushes me and keeps me motivated (unlike my previous gym record!)
I would recommend it to anyone - sign up now!!!
Caroline M
Amazing people with a truly amazing way of getting you in shape and fit in such a short period of time.
Every single trainer knows you by name, makes you feel welcome, but doesn't let you slack off - well not too much.
Going to a conventional gym is so much harder than going to Studio EH1 as you need to motivate yourself, but with the team there they help your motivation by encouraging you to go that little bit further which is difference between a slight improvement and significant improvements.
If you have tried other gyms and felt you didn't get anywhere then this is the one for you.
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