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Jenny is amazing, she seems to have tried every form of exercise yet invented! Her passion for fitness is palpable, and her breadth of experience makes for an incredibly varied exercise programme. I always enjoy our sessions and they give a real boost of energy for the rest of the day. Ian M
Adele of EnergyWise is a great trainer.
Randi says: EnergyWise offers personal, caring, professional and encouraging sessions and classes to suit all sizes, shapes, ages and abilities. Tim Eden
In three little words - Jenny is fab. Initially I was a reluctant participant as exercise was not high on my list of every day priorities but over the years my job has become more sedentary and I've become less fit and more fat! I would have been very self-conscious going to a gym so the empathic and sensitive way that Jenny worked with me has made the transition into an exercise and nutrition programme less traumatic and I'm making small changes to my lifestyle which in the long run will be very beneficial. Thanks :)
Exercise is very important for my mental health and wellbeing and a key tool that helps me manage both my stress levels and my energy .In addition I am also very aware of the impact of ‘food on mood’ so working with Jenny, who has a wide ranging knowledge of both fitness and nutrition has been really beneficial. She has helped me make some subtle changes to both my diet and my exercise regime which has got me back on track and has been easy to integrate into my lifestyle. She is very professional, non-judgemental and responsive.
I have struggled with my weight for all of my adult life. I felt very ashamed so it was wonderful to meet someone who clearly made no judgements and who offerred positive adivce and enthusiasm. I have a way to go but for the first time feel I am tackling my weight lost productively, safely and positively. I communicate with jenny by email as I am now travelling with work - its great to have advice on tap!
Jenny did a fantastic job getting me to overcome many years of unhealthy eating and exercise procrastination. She dispelled many myths that I had built up and helped me to see how easy it all can be with the right knowledge and support. Jenny is clearly and expert in many fields and she will fill you with confidence in her ablities as soon as you start one of her programmes. Thanks for everything Jenny! James
Jenny provides a really holistic approach to fitness that has helped me to better balance the physical and mental elements of my exercise and nutrition programmes. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to integrate exercise into their life in a healthier, more balanced way. Her attention to detail and caring nature are superb assets when working one to one, and I have always felt comfortable with her both in and out of the studio. These are great attributes for a personal trainer, and her wide-ranging fitness knowledge keeps things both interesting and engaging! EnergyWise is definitely worth it!
Jenny helped me do something for the first time that I never thought I would do being 50+ - RUN! She helped me pace myself and kept me motivated running alongside me encouraging me back up the hill on the 2-3 mile run. I would recommend anyone that wants to get started on an exercise routine to try personal training with Energywise. (CF)
Cannot recommend Jenny enough! Speaking as one who is not a natural keep fit enthusiast I find Jenny can motivate and keep me to the personal programme which she has worked out for me. She is very empathetic and enthusiastic and it is a pleasure to go rather than a bind.
I always thought personal trainers were for people with plenty of money or proffessional atheletes but my opinion has changed on hearing about EnergyWise. Jenny asked all the right questions and has tailored a programme to motivate me back to the levels of fitness I want and to achieve a goal set for later this year. She's great to work with and keeps the training varied so I remain interested. Would totally recommend her whatever your requirements.
Thanks to EnergyWise I am now the owner of a healthier body and I am fitter than ever before. You helped me find the light at the end of the tunnel and I'm going to make sure it never goes out again! NR (48)
I found the session very helpful and I liked the rebounder! I was impresses I could keep going and I tried the kettlebells at the gym. I felt the gentle encouragement you gave me was very helpful in making me realise that I can force myself a wee bit more, I have booked myself in for circuit training at the local gym on tuesday so goodness knows what I have let myself in for! JT (28)
EnergyWise has given me a new lease on life & I now have so much more confidence in myself and my body - Thanks! Training sessions offered a wide variety of activities, so I found them great fun as well as effective. BC (45)
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