5 Bags for the price of 4!
  • Valid until: 31/08/2017
5 Bags for the price of 4!
Clear out and save with Shredded Neat!

Summers here, and time to take advantage of the good weather to clear out your attic, garage or home office! This offer is even open to small business premises that have archives of old paperwork you no longer need but don't have time to securely dispose of!

Shredded Neat can deliver to you a supply of 44L sacks and ties usually the same day, which you can fill up, certain in the knowledge that once you have filled them all up, we will come and collect them and shred them securely and provide certification, all for £5.00 plus VAT  a sack.

Even better, we will shred every 5th sack for you completely free of charge, so what's keeping you from getting everything securely destroyed by Eastbourne’s most accredited secure shredding company.