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24th June 2020
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Judith and Greg Brown are very pleased to announce their re-opening on the 4th July 2020 as restrictions on lockdown are eased.
Throughout the lockdown they have been safely hosting NHS and keyworkers.  “We were able to contact the NHS register and they gave us advice and got us thinking what we needed to change to keep them safe.  We immediately closed our public areas (lounge, playroom, and dining room) and adapted our breakfast.  As most people will know we are a plastic-free property, so our thoughts were drawn towards how we could do the least damage to our environment whilst keeping breakfast convenient.  We already had many eco-friendly things in stock, such as paper-bags, greaseproof paper, foil, and wooden takeaway cutlery. So that bit was easy.  We then planned an easy crowd-pleasing menu, that would be easy to adapt for special diets, things like frittata and overnight oats adding small items like yoghurt, boiled eggs, pastries, toast, etc.  If guests were not too keen a simple bacon or cheese sandwich was offered.  We deliver these to guests’ doors in the morning.  It did not always go to plan as getting supplies was tricky in the early lockdown days!  What we have been able to offer has been very well received by our guests.
We were also mindful of the additional cleaning.  Things like the stairwells, lift and front door handles and rails are constant touch points.  Our supplier reassured us the sanitiser we use is germ free for around 14 hours, so we now clean these extra touch points twice a day, rather than every few days.  We direct people into the reception washroom to wash their hands before doing check in (then nip in when they are in their room to clean the sink area and handles (the light is touch free)).  Reception has a sneeze guard and keys are sterlised before and after each guest, we just slide them under the screen, payment has been taken remotely prior to arrival and all paperwork is via email to reduce printing.
In our rooms we knew we would be putting ourselves and staff at risk, so we removed the cups and mugs replacing with Veg-ware disposable ones.  They are disposed of in the room so no risk of cross contamination.  We wear fabric tabards or aprons that can be laundered (fabric was shown to be lower risk of cross contamination than plastic) and good old fashioned rubber gloves!  WE wash our gloves onl our hands when entering the room, then clean the bathroom and room as we leave the room all the touch points are sprayed along with our gloves and we then enter the next room.  Long hair is tied back in a bun.  At the end of the cleaning shift, we wash out hands with the gloves on, remove the gloves and spray with sanitiser (inside and out) and hang them to dry, aprons and tabards are placed in a special basket with all the cloths we have used and they go straight to the laundry.
WE decided not to wear masks and face shields because we are not really getting close to anyone and we felt it was a bit “un-friendly”, the screen is doing a great job of keeping them and us friendly without over-shadowing the guests experience.  
During lockdown, as we cant us the lounges or dining room, we decided to make the dining room into a sports bar for our own family.  We made a table tennis out of the table, used the dance floor for Nintendo wii games and used things we had to keep fit, (boxing gloves, badminton, darts, roller skates etc), this has helped our family get through things together and keep us fit too!
Tomorrow is our youngest’s birthday.  Normally we would be going out to a theme park with friends, but this year we have brough the theme park to him!  We have booked giant garden games from “rent an event”, adding low budget games like hook a duck and tin can alley.  We are hosting this in the virtually unused car park!  It may be the last time we can ever do something like this and hopefully we will be full of cars once again very soon!  
Marketing has been very difficult for us during lock down – trying to sell holidays to people during lockdown just seemed wrong, so we kept busy on social media, spreading things we knew people would like, little jokes, ironic things and bits from around Eastbourne that people may be missing.  We are so grateful to our family, friends and people who took the time to read, share, like and comment on our posts because , it kept us going, thank you all!  We would like like to thank David Ruddle (best of Eastbourne) for zoom calls, and support in spades, e-deal for free training options and Ditzy media for free training on Twitter.  The support was endless if you knew where to look and we are eternally grateful to them all. 
We are also very pleased to be sponsoring “St. Lucy’s Care Cards”, which was set up to reward anyone who you feel has done a fantastic job during lockdown, this could be NHS, delivery driver, a neighbour who brought you things or your son who brought you flowers, it could be the lady who simply waved to you every day.  There are so many heroes out there!  25% of each card goes into a fund to buy a paid for stay for a lucky recipient, which also helps independent businesses to recover. www.carecard.org.uk  
We are just working on a new page for our website “Sheldon care packages”.  This will have lots of ideas for covid safe things to do whilst in Eastbourne, Our new virtual check in (to avoid more than 1 person in reception and ensure we have car registrations logged) and breakfast order pad (people without smart phones can just phone their orders through) are almost ready to go live, so guests can have the best, safest and most relaxing Sheldon experience we can give them.  We are so excited to be welcoming people back.”

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