How Do You Communicate With Your Customers?
15th June 2021
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The last week has seen a lot of businesses feeling relieved and joyful as they’ve been able to open their doors and offer their services more efficiently with the latest easing of lockdown restrictions.

But our question this week is – Do people really know what’s happening in your business?

You see, something that is noticeable with quite a number of businesses is that they have done the bare minimum to let people know that they are now “more open” or “more accessible” than before. There may be a sign on their window and possibly an update on their website.

But that’s about it!

And that’s not enough because if you just do that, you are relying solely on people either looking at your shop window or landing on your website by chance.

What smart business owners need to do is COMMUNICATE with their local community to drive them to the site, or visit the premises.

Here’s 5 easy things you can do to increase your website traffic, phone calls, social media messages and visits to your business.

  1. Post on your Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram pages.
  2. Drop a message into any local groups you may be part of on social media.
  3. Email your past customers who haven’t been able to visit or use you fully over the last year to say you’re now ready to help them again. (And why not throw in a nice offer for them as a “Thank You” for their previous support and entice them back in).
  4. Follow up with prospects who enquired during lockdown to inform them you can now help them and would love to speak to/see them ASAP (‘cos your competitors probably won’t think to do that).
  5. Update your opening hours on Google My Business.

REMEMBER! They should just be simple messages to inform people that you are excited to be back open and can’t wait to see them again. No hard-selling!

Make sure all the updated info on your website, and social media and emails all match. If you put the effort in to changing the hours and info on your Google Your Business listing and then forget to update your website, it’s going to confuse your potential customers.

And don’t forget, here at thebestof, we can help if you need any advice or direction on getting this out there – because this week…



is the time to do it.


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