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An Open Letter to Small Business Owners in Eastbourne
An Open Letter to Small Business Owners in Eastbourne
Has your business been affected by COVID-19? thebestof Eastbourne is here to help and we have a cure for you, it is called OPERATION PROTECT! View post
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Rangers too hot for Punnetts Town.....Read about the Red Hot Rangers!
Big shock news in this week's blog... it may not be what you thought it was.
Any poker players out there? Rangers are holding a poker night at The Arlington Arms on Saturday 17th August, 7.30pm start. Texas hold 'em...
Triple league champions Eastbourne Rangers FC are very pleased to have become part of "The Best of Eastbourne" and would like to welcome you all to check out our brief history on our biog page. We are looking for new sponsors from just £65 per year....
The Llamas festival has many elements seen as entertainment but are in fact rituals held dear by the participates.
I’ve seen customers spit at shop keepers, I’ve heard customers threaten to shove produce in places I doubt they’d realistically fit and I’ve felt the wrath of an angry customer myself (although she thought I was someone else).
As Andy Murray soars to the top of his game, he unintentionally delivers a very important lesson in how to be the top of your game and triumph over your competition. If you want to win, you simply can't afford to ignore this...
The local history of our Cinema's in Eastbourne is rather varied and this is an account by one of the team.
The devil is, apparently, in the detail. Although I'm pretty obsessed by detail, and I'm yet to find anything sinister about it - quite the opposite in fact.
999 Display is described by the locals as one of the biggest events in Eastbourne along side Airbourne and Eastbourne Extreme.
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