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The Exeter Group is a renowned Leadership Consultant with world-wide experience, based in East Devon.


The Exeter Group is a leading leadership consultant in East Devon, with their approach being based on the works of late Dr Bob terry and around Authentic leadership. Thanks to the new high performance quality of the approach that is used in their work they are improving the way leaders and followers think, enabling them to have the courage to lead action!

They actually have the exclusive property rights for teaching Authentic leadership for a 360 degree report.

For 2 years since the Exeter Group has been established, numerous clients including various senior executives and board members have improved the quality of their life and their career thanks to practicing Authentic leadership.

The Exeter Group has been founded by Neil Bennet, a veteran Royal Marines Officer with an MSc degree in Leadership from Cranfield University, and with a proven expertise in sharing knowledge gained by teaching leadership in South Africa, Kuwait, and UK.

One of the things that helps the Exeter Group be distinguished from the herd is the fact that they know how to relate to the feelings of an average 9-to-5 worker. Even more, they know how to wake in them the feelings of confidence and courage, which can lead to them being more motivated and willing to improve their performances.

They do that by incorporating edutainment in their consulting sessions. A timeless approach with an effective strategy helps them stay on top of their game with every new client.

Who can benefit from Neil’s Leadership practice:
- CEOs and Senior Executives who want to lead and align their team;
- Board members who rely on strategy;
- HR professionals who, apart from assembling great teams, want to prevent losing talents;
- Followers who want to become engaged and more invested.

“Neil’s military background, his leadership business model and his interpersonal skills offered us a compelling package to take us on the journey to becoming a high performance team. I would recommend bringing Neil on board if you want to inspire, motivate and challenge your staff on how they understand issues and work together as an effective team.”

The Exeter group is also providing online diagnostic assessments for leaders and organisations. Apart from that, they also conduct events and workshops.

In case you want to find out more about that, visit their website:
Or call: 01404851270

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