Summer Home Renovation Tips
2nd June 2017
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Make a plan, taking into account all of the above organise the work into priority groups.

Make a budget, can you afford the whole job in one go, or do you need to deal with a task at a time?

Obtain a Quotation to establish the cost. Don’t pay anything in advance!

DIY, is not a money saving scheme if you find that you cannot complete what you have started or cannot do the repairs and need to bring in professionals to put right the damage.

Professional home renovations experts are often more cost effective in the long run.

How safe are you when doing high level work, up ladders for example? Professionals follow Health and Safety guidelines and come with insurances to indemnify you in the event of accidents or poor workmanship.

Renovating a building that is listed or has characteristic decoration will require the help of an expert, to retain the attractive features in their original state or to enhance them with careful attention to detail. A job for the professionals.

Murray Decorating of Ealing is a local independent business with well over 35 years’ experience in Painting and Decorating property throughout Ealing, Brentford, Kew and Richmond, Acton, Ealing, Hanwell, Greenford, Chiswick.

Murray Decorators are:

Fully insured,

Do not accept money up front

Speedy Availability for a quotation,

Preparation is key and all customers of Murray Decorating in West and South West London know that this is what they give most time and attention to. With 35 years’ experience painting and decorating in the Ealing area and Murray Decorating has built proud reputation for thoroughness and attention to detail.


Work that Murray Decorating can do for you:

Interior and exterior painting and decorating

Domestic painting and decorating

Commercial painting and decorating

Paper hanging - they specialise in this aspect of decorating work


Tiling for bathrooms and kitchens.

Murray Decorating is the professional way to handle home and commercial property renovations, they are safe, reliable and very cost effective, and they have an excellent track record of sprucing up property across London.

Murray Decorating of Ealing are very highly recommended by The Best of UK, bringing the most trusted local businesses and the community together.

Customers old and new wishing to have further information about Murray Decorating please go to:

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