Does Stress Equal Weight Gain?
15th July 2014
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Does Stress Equal Weight Gain?

Researchers at Ohio State University recently found that women who reported one or more stressful events on the day previous to testing burned fewer calories than those who did not report any.

The stressed women had higher levels of insulin - contributing to fat storage.The co-authors of the study, Professor Janice Kiecolt - Glaser and Professor Martha Belury, suggest that women should make an effort to avoid comfort food when they are stressed, and reach for something more healthy.

 Effective Hypnosis would like to commend this advice, and state that a great way to control stress, binge eating,and metabolism is to follow our weight control program.This includes the hypnotic gastric band technique, which can restrict the amount of food you take in, as well as guiding you to healthy eating - available in Ealing and  Hillingdon - see


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