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I can't believe that I have got into a size 12 dress again. I went to Matthew to get help in stopping smoking - thinking that this would soon pile on the weight. But he not only stopped me smoking, he also helped me to lose a stone in weight . I look and feel fabulous. Thank you Matthew.
I have been with Matthew Hall for a month now, so I'm two weeks from finishing our six week programme on Weight Control. I have already surpassed my original aim of losing 1 and a half stones in weight. This was done mainly through giving up my addiction to sugar. Through hypnotherapy Matthew changed my whole attitude to both sweet things and more healthy vibrant foods. Now, instead of craving stuff that I don't need, I crave fresh water and fresh foods. My whole body has been transformed - both physically and mentally, I feel more energetic and my concentration and productivity have improved . I look forward to more transformation and a future vital body.
I had tried to give up smoking through willpower and various chemicals , but I kept failing. Matthew took away my cravings, and convinced me that I would never smoke again. It worked and a month later I was able to have my IVF treatment. I am now happily pregnant. thank you Matthew.
I got started as a nicotine addict by using sweet e cigarettes -- but after a year or so at that I didn't really care about having the sweet taste anymore - I just wanted the nicotine hit - so I smoked normal cigarettes. Three years on it was making me very lazy and I was coughing a lot. I went to see Matthew Hall for hypnotherapy in January 2019. I have not smoked since - nor wanted to. I don't miss it at all. Matthew was fantastic.
I had been suffering from hayfever for years, and this was really having a devastating effect on my sleeping patterns during summer. I went to see Matthew for insomnia - and was delighted when I discovered that he had persuaded my subconscious mind to turn down my reaction to pollen. Result - I am breathing better, therefore sleeping better and I am delighted with Effective Hypnosis.
Matthew Hall saved my marriage. I had been addicted to visiting naughty sites on the internet and hypnotherapy helped that to become a thing of the past. This saved my relationship and reinforced my feelings towards my wife. This has saved my marriage from falling apart
Well, I was about two stone overweight and this was leading on to other problems - like, I felt useless to my partner in bed. When I went to see Matt, he was very particular about the bedroom problems - making a full enquiry into the dynamics. He gave me five sessions of hypnotherapy - including the hypnotic gastro band - and this got me into exercising. I have now lost 2 and a half stones, am a regular at the gym, I am bursting with energy and my performance has improved accordingly. My girlfriend is ecstatic. Thank you so much Matt.
I lost two stones in weight once I had managed to control my emotional eating with hypnotherapy. Thank you Matthew
When I gave up cannabis and smoking tobacco last year I put all the money I would have spent into a savings account. That account now holds more than £10,000. It's all thanks to Matthew's Effective Hypnosis. But apart from the money, I am healthy and free of addiction, thank you Matthew.
It was amazing. My wife and I went to see Matt for help in giving up smoking. I wasn't entirely convinced but went along with the process, because I had all sorts of reasons for wanting to give up - the coughing, the lack of energy, the stinky house, and the lack of money. He was spot on with identifying the stresses and strains that were triggering us to smoke. When he hypnotised us, he removed the triggers in our minds, and replaced them with positive messages of how healthy we were becoming. He saved us at least £5000 a year and we are both bouncing with heathfulness.
My stress at work was leading me to drink far more than I should - I was getting through 6 bottles of wine a week, and the alcohol fed my anxieties the following day - so I needed to drink again. I went to see Matt at his clinic in Ealing, he trained my to relax myself through self hypnosis and to drink in moderation. I guess I am now enjoying four glasses of wine a week . I have no anxieties and virtually no stress. thank you Matthew.
I saw Matthew in March 2018. Since then I have lost a total of 35 pounds in weight. I followed his program for the six weeks - but I didn't stop listening to his recordings. |I keep losing weight. I look and feel fantastic. thank you Matthew.
I was having these periods of night paralysis following a heavy weed session - so i decided that I would have to give up cannabis. I went to see Matthew Hall. He was very easy going and put me at ease at once. I explained about my addiction and he taught me mind focusing techniques to take away my cravings. He hypnotised me and I felt wonderful. He convinced my mind that cannabis was revolting and I didn't want it any more. That was 9 months ago. I have not needed cannabis and it feels as if I have given birth to a new, healthy, me. Thank you Matthew
I am 8 years dry today. I feel so blessed. Thank you Matthew for helping me to stop drinking.
Wow. I am so impressed. I went to see Matthew to help me get my emotional eating under control. He not only helped me to give up chocolate and cakes, but I also lost two stones. I feel better in myself too as the real me has been awakened and I am full of energy.
I gave up smoking last year in a snowy January. i was totally fed up with smoking outside in the cold. I gave up with Effective Hypnosis. Matthew was brilliant - he explained the process fully and had me under hypnosis in a few minutes. He convinced me that I didn't need to smoke and I didn't want to smoke. That was it. I listened to his recording for a while, but I never smoked again. I saved every penny and have quite a nest egg. Thank you Matthew
I had a problem with excessive drinking at weekends - followed by use of cocaine. But this spread over onto weekdays and started to affect my work. I saw Matthew Hall and gave up the coke and cut down to one or two drinks . Hypnotherapy is marvelous.
I saw Matthew in October - asking him to help me give up smoking and lose weight. He gave me three sessions and I can honestly say that I have not been tempted to smoke in three months. I did have a bit of a wobble over Christmas when it came to chocolate temptations but the sugar addiction session has been remarkably successful too. I have lost a total of two and a half stones in weight. I feel absolutely fantastic and am looking at life with a healthy future. I can't recommend Effective Hypnosis enough.
My wife and I have been non-smokers for five year now. We made a New Year's resolution to give up smoking. We saw Matthew Hall at his Ealing clinic in the first week of January 2013 and have not smoked since. Our bodies are fitter and healthier, we have saved money and we tell everyone.
I lost two stones in weight with Effective Hypnosis. I went to see Matthew at his Ealing clinic because I wanted to look good at my school reunion. People can be so catty at these things. But when I went this time I was in a new smaller sized dress and looking really good. My friends were so impressed that I had changed so much. I had stopped worrying about my weight and my health and flexibility had blossomed. Thank you Matthew
I went to see Matt on a matter of fear of public speaking. I found his personality to be very warm and comforting. He taught me tapping techniques to overcome my fears and they just seemed to disappear rapidly. I found hypnosis to be brilliant. He gradually desensitised me about the phobia of public speaking and authority figures and then applied the therapy - encouraging my innate powers to come out. My meeting skills improved as I was able to hold my ownthere, and was able to talk in front of a crowd of 700 trainee nurses with confidence. Some of them congratulated me on my presentation. Thank you Matthew.
I went to see Matt because I was worried about my cola addiction. I was drinking at least two litres a day! My waist was beginning to spread and I realised that I was taking in too much sugar. Matt helped me to cut it out completely in just a few sessions. I'm not completely bereft, because I have a lot of other cool drinks that i can enjoy. But the best thing was that I lost 22 pounds and a dress size. Thank you Matt!
I managed to give up cocaine with Matthew at Effective Hypnosis. I had been struggling to meet deadlines and fallen into an addictive pattern of using gear to keep me awake all night to hand in my assignments. Pretty soon it was all that I could think about - the nagging thought being "When can I have the next line?" Matthew showed me how to alter my focus with tapping techniques, so I didn't need it - and hypnotised me so that I felt I didn't want it. I didn't really need the following two sessions, because I found myself quite easily saying "No thank you" when gear was offered to me. I feel transformed.
I finally gave up smoking, after trying for ages with nicotine replacement therapy - to no avail - my girlfriend suggested that I try hypnosis. I found Matthew Hall a pleasant man, but wasn't really sure what hypnotherapy was about. He explained that it was about helping me to get to where wanted to be - a non-smoker. He put me into trance and used imagery that showed me a new person, who had already changed, who was both healthy and wealthy as a result of this transformation. I left my cigarettes with him and left as a non-smoker. This was in January 2018 - nine months ago -and I am now happy and healthy with no pulls towards my former habit. Thank you Matthew.
I went to see Matthew because I was addicted to painkillers. He saw me three times. He sorted out my need for painkillers, he taught me pain control techniques and he taught me how to hypnotise myself. I feel like a new man. Thank you Matthew
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