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I smoked for ten years - spending about £40,000. That money went up in smoke and did not benefit me at all. I had smelly hair, fingers, clothes and breath. I saw Matthew in January and stopped smoking immediately. I no longer stink. He has saved me a fortune. Since I can be expected to live another 40 - 50 years, that could be another £200,000. l liked his voice. I liked his humour. His message got through and created a new pathway in my mind. I am now a non-smoker and really happy to be so. Thank you Matthew
I went to see Matthew in order to conquer my sugar addiction. He was quite straight with me. He explained that it was all a matter of the choices we make in life. Bad choices would lead me away from good health, but small good choices would lead me more and more toward good health. He hypnotised me and took my sweet cravings away. I cut down on my drinking and found myself eating whole and nourishing foods. I also focused on getting active. Weight loss naturally followed. Thank you.
My life is just a bowl of happiness now - since I went to see Matthew about controlling my anger. There were little things that would have sent me into a rage - that just don't seem important anymore. I have been able to refocus and reframe my concerns and, instead of getting angry, I just get excited about how I can deal with things in a calm, relaxed manner. Tank you Matthew.
My weight loss since January has hit 3 stones. This has turned my life around. Thank you Matthew.
I saw Matthew Hall in May for weight loss. I followed the program for 6 weeks and lost 9 pounds. But he encouraged me to keep listening to his CD recordings. Twenty weeks later and I have lost a total of two stones. Thank you Matthew
I went to see Matthew, at his Ealing clinic, in order to both stop smoking and lose a stone in weight,and it worked. He hypnotised me and I stopped smoking immediately, but had two further sessions. Six weeks later I had lost nineteen pounds and am extremely pleased with both the results and the service - delivered with a lot of humour - which put me at ease. Fabulous.
I went to see Matthew after he stopped my brother smoking - I thought "If he can do that, then surely he can help me". I wanted to lose a good half stone or more in three weeks - to prepare for my duties at my sister's wedding. He said that most people, who follow the program, lose between 2 and 5 pounds a week - so it was quite probable. Well, I got hypnotised, and I listened to the backup recording at least once a day, and by the time of my sister's wedding I had lost 12 pounds. But I didn't stop there. I continued to listen for another month, and I have lost early two stones in total. This is amazing.
I have lost three stones in weight since I saw Matthew last year. I did go to him for weight control, but the real problem was that I was addicted to coke - that is, Pepsi - rather than drugs. I had been having at least 2 cans a day for well over a decade. Matthew's hypnosis and tapping techniques stopped all that, and the weight has dropped away. I still manage a pepsi on a night out - but I don't need one. Thank you Matthew.
I was able to stop smoking after 20 years with Matthew Hall of Effective Hypnosis. His therapy was really powerful, as it not only made me hate cigarettes,but also convinced me that I didn't need them. First class.
OMG, life cannot get any better, I've lost 15 pounds in total, and at least a dress size - because even size 14 seems big on me. Happy dance. Thanks Matt
I kidded myself for about ten years that smoking was an enjoyable habit - but I was really only using it as a social crutch with people who I wasn't comfortable approaching. I built up a persistent sore throat and went to see Matt to try and stop. He was very caring, you could tell that he'd also been there. The hypnosis was wonderful and I felt better already. But, as the months went past, my throat cleared up, my taste improved, brain fog cleared and I became more attractive. Thank you Matthew.
My mate gave up smoking with Mr Hall,and suggested that I gave hypnotherapy a go for giving up the weed. I had been smoking cannabis off and on for years but know that it made me cough too much. I gave it a go and he was magic. I felt so wonderful that I never smoked anything again. My health is improving and I now have a stash - of money.
I had hypnosis for fear of flying with Matthew Hall in January . He taught me tapping techniques to refocus my mind and then hypnotised me to convince me that flying was nothing to worry about.Since then I have flown to Australia and New Zealand with no concerns and actually, kind of, enjoying it. I am able to sleep most of the journeys with no worries. Thank you Matthew.
I was in a very mixed up mood when I went to see Matt - I was full of anxieties. I was getting panic attacks. I couldn't control things and I was getting angry. The only thing I knew that would dull it was drink and I was becoming dependent. Matt dealt with my panic attacks by teaching me tapping, he did hypnotherapy to bring back happiness to my life, and this meant that I could enjoy a drink without needing it - and could stop when I wanted. Thank you so much for the sunshine.
I went to see Matt in order to cut down on my drinking and lose weight. I was astounded. I had such a wonderful time -going on journeys in my head - I felt absolutely relaxed. I haven't needed a drink for two months and I have lost 21 pounds in weight. He was such a nice man that I felt ready to drop my worries about being inadequate and became more confident, too, not needing a glass to prop me up. A fantastic service - that got results.
I smoked between the ages of 15 and 50. The cost bothered me a little, but I carried on. Until my boss got cancer. Then I realised that to carry on was just stupid. I went to see Matthew and he weaved his spell over me. This broke my addiction. I stopped smoking completely. I have saved enough money for a good holiday. Thank you Matthew.
As a young mum I built up certain addictions. I was addicted to smoking and to diet coke. I needed at least a shot of each every hour. i went to see Matthew in March, in order to regain control. I feel much better. My headaches have gone. I have no breathlessness. The smoking is dead and buried now. I might still have a diet coke, but less than one a week. My life is so much better now that I am a non-smoker. Thank you Matthew.
I went to Matt for help with an addiction to painkillers. It worked. He not only removed the addiction, but also taught me pain control techniques - so I am free of pain as well. Thank you Matt
I went to see Matthew Hall of Effective Hypnosis,on the first week of January, to end my insomnia. It seemed to me that I had been suffering from little or no sleep since September, and I didn't want to face teaching a new term half asleep. He was amazing, as my whole mood and persona seem to have changed completely. I not only get a good seven and a half hours sleep every night - I actually go into work full of energy and a positive attitude to the day. Easter term was one of the best teaching ones that I have ever had. And that's not all - I lost weight. The stress that had led to comfort eating was gone and the need for sugary treats was gone too, thank you Matthew
I gave up smoking with Matthew Hall of Effective Hypnosis. It had just become too expensive to smoke. When I gave up I found that I had a lot more money in my pocket and I had much more energy too. It has been like a new lease of life for me. I will never smoke again.
I had tried just about everything to lose weight. I kept yo-yoing from acceptable to obese. But a friend told me that she had seen Matt to give up cocaine, and suggested that I tried his Gastric Band Hypnosis. I met him and we got on very well. I signed up for the six week Hypnotic Gastric Band sessions. Well, I lost 32lbs - but this has stayed off for the last four months - so it's goodbye yo-yo dieting and hello to a slimmer, attractive,me. Thanks Matt
I started to drink a lot in response to my bullying boss. One glass led to a bottle, and then two, and I was on a hay cart to self- destruction. Alcohol ran my life. I went to see Matt to regain some control. He hypnotised me and gave me some new perspective. I now have the control. I can take it or leave it. Matt is a great therapist.
I always told my wife that I would give up smoking when I was 50. As my 50th birthday approached I started to worry. How would I do it - since I had smoked for 30 years - and was fairly addicted. She found Matthew Hall on this site. Matthew hypnotised me just once, in August 2016, and I have never smoked again. He gave me an exercise to do with my hands - to crush the habit of rolling tobacco - and I can now lookf orward to a healthy future.
Mathew saw me to help me to give up smoking last year - and it's been a wonderful year. Then, a month or so ago, I asked him to help my son with his concentration skills for football. Now, he is not only in the top team, but he also scored three goals last week. Thank you Matthew.
I gave up a sugar addiction at new year with Matthew Hall at Effective Hypnosis. He weaned me away from the sugar monster and educated me about healthy foods. My energy levels soared, and I lost two stones in weight. Thank you Matthew. JM
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