Thinking About Renewing Your Bathroom Design?
20th June 2017
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Cormac Hamilton Owner of Well Renowned Bathrooms says their aim is to make your bathroom perfect for you. As local bathroom specialists in Durham, they pride themselves on their top quality design work, the range and quality of their bathroom products and the care and attention that is taken during installation.

Whether replacing a single bathroom item or changing the entire layout of your bathroom you will be sure to find what you're looking for within their superb range of bathroom furniture and fittings.

Bathrooms are now accepted as much more of a ‘living space’ within our homes, rather than the old-fashioned utilitarian small room at the end of ones landing. Even where a bathroom is smaller a great deal can be done to make space and improve the use of the available space. Where a bathroom is larger or extended, then it is still imperative to use the extra space created effectively.

With modern styling, high-tech equipment, good use of tiling and of storage space a great bathroom is possible. The key is to employ the experience of professional people who will look at the available space and with their knowledge backed up by state of the art design software will know what can be achieved and how to make it happen. The investment in using top-flight experts can be highly cost effective, doing it ones-self can incur heavy extra costs simply to repair the damage.

Products that are available to customers at Well Renowned Bathrooms include:

Programmable steamers,

Thermostatically controlled Mixer Showers,

5 Way water divert,

Overhead drenching showers,

Hand showers,

Body jets,

Acupuncture body jets,

Thick Tempered Glass,

Built in seating,

Full-length mirror glass,

Circulation Fans,

Electronic Computerised Controls to allow you to get the combination just perfect,

FM Radio and External Hands-free Telephone connections,

Time and temperature Displays,

Remote Control, and

Foot Massager and Jets.

Well Renowned Bathrooms are bringing 21st Century bathrooms into our homes and why not? We are reportedly spending more time than ever in our bathrooms and no wonder when they are state of the art comfortable living spaces.

Please note, that Smart Bathrooms help to sell houses. People wanting to sell and move on should bear in mind that a new bathroom is a very good investment.

Well Renowned Bathrooms of Durham is highly recommended by The Best of UK, bringing the most trusted local businesses and the community together.

Thinking about renewing your bathroom design? Talk to Well Renowned Bathrooms of Durham, you will find contact information at:

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