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I have one daughter in the school who is now in Year 9 at Durham High School for Girls and has been there for 10 years. She started in Rainbow Nursery at the age of 3 and it gave her the most amazing start. Everyone should walk through the doors of the Nursery and I can guarantee you will not want your daughter to be anywhere else, if she is Nursery age! The school is a happy, caring and friendly place with fantastic teachers who really care. They have helped my daughter to be independent, confident and motivated and have given her such wonderful opportunities. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone who has a daughter!
I have 2 daughters who have been at the High School for 8 years. They are now in the 6th form and have both thoroughly enjoyed their time at the school. Over the years I have watched them develop and grow under the supervision of teachers who have clearly taken the time to get to know them well. The school has encoured their different skills and has provided a caring and friendly environment for them to develop to their own potential. I would definitely recommend the school to other parents.
My daughter is in year 5 at DHS and started in the nursery. I have always found it a very happy school. In nursery my daughter was taught through play and she seemed to learn things very quickly as she was enjoying herself. After several years at DHS I am now finding that she is turning into a well behaved, well mannered and confident young lady. I would recommend DHS to any parent who has a daughter as I find that it is a very kind and caring school offering a wide variety of opportunities to girls.
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