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If you would like help writing your will, call Collective Legal Solutions now on 07962 071656 for professional Will Writing Services in Durham.

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for Cost Effective Legal Services, Will Writing Services and Estate Planning

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Did you know that without a valid Last Will and Testament your assets will be distributed

according to the rules of Intestacy?



Have you considered writing a Will but haven't found the time?



Do you know who will inherit your estate when you die?



Have you decided who would make important decisions on your behalf if you could no longer do so?



For help and advice on all of these matters, you should call Jean Ord, an associate of Collective Legal Solutions on 07962 071656.



Jean offers professional, discreet and friendly Will Writing Services in the comfort of your home or workplace.



Recommended by The Best of Durham.




Collective Legal Solutions - Legal Services



As a member of The Society of Will Writers, and an Associate of Collective Legal Solutions, Jean Ord provides a comprehensive range of legal services and advice:



Will Writing Services

Planning for Long Term Care

Mitigating Inheritance Tax

Lasting Power of Attorney


Estate Administration and Probate

Estate Planning

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Secure Storage of Documents

Personal and Corporate Insolvency



For a FREE initial consultation, call Jean now on

07962 071656



Collective Legal Solutions - Our services are held in high esteem due to our commitment to client care, focus on affordability and specialist legal expertise.



Will Writing Services



Jean Ord of Collective Legal Solutions provides professional Will Writing Services in and around Durham from the comfort of your own home, and the initial consultation won't cost you a penny.



Did you know:-



Married Couples - without a Will


It is not certain that your spouse will inherit all your assets.



Unmarried Couples - without a Will


your partner may not receive anything! Your entire estate will probably be divided between your children; if you don't have any children then your assets will be shared between your relatives.



Divorced or Separated


Make it clear whether you do/don't want your 'ex-spouse' to benefit from your estate.



Parents of Young Children


By making a Will you can ensure that the Courts are aware of who you wish to care for your children in the event of your death. You can also decide at what age you wish your children to receive their inheritance (whether this be 18, 21 or 25).




Want to know more? Then call Jean Ord at Collective Legal Solutions now on 07962 071656 - for professional, affordable Will Writing Services in Durham





Estate Planning



At Collective Legal Solutions, we specialise in protecting your assets for those you love and care for.



Our estate planning services are designed to allow you to pass your hard earned wealth to those you choose.



Whatever the potential threats i.e. re-marriage of a spouse, long term care, inheritance tax etc. our associates are equipped to ensure we can fulfil your wishes.



For further advice and information, call Jean Ord now on 07962 071656 - for professional, affordable Estate Planning Services in Durham





Collective Legal Solutions



for Will Writing Services



'Where there isn't a will, I'll find a way'



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