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What a superb focussed 90dayplanning day with U-Can at St Andrews Hotel. I now have a clear 90day plan
Had a fantastic 90dayplanning day with U-Can. it was so easy to understand, there were so many good ideas and I've got such clarity around my plan for the next quarter. It was such an inspiring day. Thank you.
Gave me so much inspiration for massive actions within my business. Thanks!
I now have a clear and excellent plan for the next 90 days. Thank you very much!
a very focussed, fun day that gave me a structure tp work with during the next 3 months.
90DayPlanning is a great day out the office planning, sharing and goal setting. Real business value to focus on the non day to day grind
My 90DayPlanning day experience was amazing. There was a great atmosphere, amazing energy and great content.
90DayPlanning provides a great day to spend time out of the business to think and plan persoanl and business life
90 day planning is a welcome relief. Thank you for getting me out of my office to think about my future and reminding me to actively set goals. By committing to the next date i am making myself accountable.
My 6th visit to 90 day planning. I now have a clear plan to the end of June to achieve my ambitions and goals and to balance my family life. Thanks
I found my 3rd 90 day planning day to be soooo good I had to take paracetamol for my headache all weekend. My brain went into overdrive from making new neural connections with new possibilities, new ideas and new plans. I couldn’t sleep as my brain was whirring away. I had many preconceptions before turning up for my 3rd session, I was convinced I knew what my goals were, what the actions, what goals I had not achieved in last 90 days and how the changes and challenges of my last 90 days would affect the next 90. So why go along again because my driver to be in the room was to ensure I joined the top 2% of earners who write their goals down, and not keep the thoughts in my head. In reality those original goals changed when Mary and Andy gave me perspective on the goals I might chose for my next 90 days. The people in the room shared some massive personal and emotional stories of their last 90 days and the reasons they were achieving or not achieving their goals, and everyone wants everyone to do well. Each time I go, I get something totally new from it and I get better at writing those goals out. It was literally mind blowing. Top 2% here I come…
I really enjoyed today and let that I learn new and importantly usable skills to assist my MD on growing the Practice.
90DayPlanning is a great day to refocus on the business away from working in it.
Their 90DayPlanning session is excellent since it gives me the chance to focus ON my business.
Great 90DayPlanning day. I always pick up something new every time I'm here.
I have had another great day at 90DayPlanning and look forward to the next one.
i love UCAN because Andy Gwynn coached me when i launched my new social media training business. this help was extremely valuable.
It has given me ideas to take the practice further and I feel excited to take these ideas and put them into working practice. New skills will allow me to enjoy my role and learn.
If I had known years ago what I learnt today I'd have been a multi-millionaire! Damn! Never mind, better late than never, I'll just have to settle for millionaire! Thanks xxx
I love U-Can because it was a fab planning day in a great, safe environment. Thanks a lot.
I love U-Can and 90DayPlanning because they offer a positive environment great coaching and positive attendees.
I love 90DayPlanning because I always get value for money from these sessions and the other people on the event.
I love U-Can's 90DayPlanning because they give you the power and the tools to succeed in life and business. Thank you.
I love U-Can because this is my second 90DayPlanning session. I have achieved a massive amount in six months. Thank you Mary and Andy.
I love U-Can because I've had a very interesting day being able to take time out of the business and put together my goals. Looking forward to the next one.
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