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Santa is coming to town

16 December 2010 16:58

Christmas party

Free Redundancy Download

01 December 2010 13:43

Free Redundancy Download

Unfair dismissal changes – fiddling while Rome burns

Employers need to make sure they know how to handle performance and other issues. Changing the qualifying period of service doesn’t make the issue go away. Managing people effectively is a key skill for the successful business.

Maternity Myths

09 September 2010 15:20

So many business owners fear what will happen if their staff are pregnant but many of the things they fear are myths..

Hidden Holiday Facts

10 August 2010 08:15

Bet you don't know all these things about holiday aqt work...

How many bosses don't read contracts?

How many bosses don't read or understand the contracts they are issuing - what should the boss do?

Volcanic eruptions over pay?

20 April 2010 10:10

So many people have been caught out and found themselves stranded as airlines are grounded. Who gets paid? Who does not? What happens when staff can't get to work through no fault of their own?

Strikes and Local Transport Difficulties

Many workers have been affected by local tube or rail disruptions.

Injured and still dancing

25 March 2010 16:25

We live in a world where most people are viewed as either ‘fit to work’ or ‘off sick’, with no understanding of the various in between states where we all fluctuate.

Think you have no staff?  Are you sure?

If people are helping you in your business, then you need to think about employment law - it applies to workers and self-employed people as well as employees.

Make sure you have what you need to make your business a success