Best Instagram Marketing Tips for Fashion Bloggers 2019
18th February 2019
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Fashion bloggers are peoples who cover the fashion industry and lifestyle, clothing, beauty tips and many more. There are Millions of bloggers who are already working on Instagram to promote their websites and blogs to get more traffic from Instagram. There are also some fashion bloggers who are not on Instagram yet or they are not active on Instagram. If you are one of them then read this article and become a successful fashion blogger. Here in this article, I will share with you Instagram marketing tips for fashion bloggers and how they can grow fast on Instagram. We have gathered some good information that can help you become famous on Instagram and drive more traffic from Instagram. 

So here is step by step complete guide about best Instagram Marketing tips for fashion bloggers.

1- Create an Instagram Account:

If you don’t have an Instagram account yet first create your Instagram account. Make sure create an attractive account because your Instagram profile is your business. if you want to grow fast and get more followers and engagements your Profile should be attractive and beautiful. After Creating your Instagram Account now optimize your account and use killing Instagram bio to attract more followers. Don't forget to add your blog link in your bio to get more traffic from Instagram to your blog. 

2- Post Attractive and High-Quality Photos:

Your Photos should be clear and full of colors. Colors attract more audience on Instagram. Upload pictures of different fashion stuff like jeans, bags, toys, dresses etc. Because your Pictures are doing a very important role in fashion blogging. Take high-resolution images that can help you to attract more followers. There are many tools, Software’s, and apps that are available on Internet, you can use these apps and software to create attractive and beautiful images. If you are uploading your own picture on Instagram then you can also use Instagram Filters to create amazing and beautiful images with different effects that can help you to attract more peoples to get more followers. 

3- Engage your Followers: 

Another great Instagram marketing tip for fashion blogger is to stay engaged and active with your followers to get more engagements. Stay engaged with your followers and drives more traffic to your blog. Reply to all of the comments, like your audience comments, also like other people stuff and comments on it to show your love and support to them and stay active with them. Then these followers will also stay active with you and like your stuff as well. If you don't have time to like other people’s photos and stuff then use Instagram Auto Liker to stay engaged with all of your followers.

4- Always Use the Relevant Hashtags:

If you are using the hashtags that are similar to your fashion blog or related to the fashion Industry then it will increase your visibility on Instagram in no time. Instagram allows 30 hashtags to be used in each post. But 15 to 20 hashtags are enough to use in the single post. Use the relevant and branded hashtags because relevant hashtags can help you to rank your post on Instagram to get more reach. The more reach means more engagements and also chances to get more followers.

For example: if your post is about beautiful and stylish hair then you should use #hairStyle #longhair #haircut #haircalour etc.

5- Post about Popular Trends:

You should post trending things that are popular on Instagram by keeping in your mind that you are a fashion blogger. Post about topics that are popular on Instagram because peoples are searching these topics so this way you will get more reach and more audience. You can post about the celebrities designing and fashion as there are a lot of boys and girls who want to dress up like celebrities.

6- Collaborate with other Fashion bloggers:

Another great way to grow fast on Instagram and get more followers on Instagram is to collaborate with other fashion bloggers that are related to your audience. This is the best way you will motivate your audience to follow them and they will do the same for you. So you both are in benefits to exchange your followers because you both bloggers are working on the same path. 

7- Send Traffic to Your Blog:

One of the best reasons to use Instagram for your fashion blog marketing is you can send your traffic to your blog from Instagram. On Instagram, you can add your blog link in your bio to drive more traffic from Instagram to your blog. When someone opens your profile then they can see your blog link and they can click on the link to visit your blog to read more about your blog. Don’t forget to add your blog link in your bio to get more traffic from Instagram. Using Instagram you can generate so much traffic and convert your traffic into leads and sales. 

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