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28th April 2012
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What is Momentis, well it is the marketing arm of Just Energy a company from the USA that is in pre-launch in the UK and is spending $300 million on the launch.


Momentis only went into pre-launch at the beginning of this week and has taken of like a storm, even to the point of the system crashing on one day and they are seeing some fantastic results from people building their teams before the expected launch in August.

You have probably heard of Utility Warehouse and some of you will be aware of how well the founder members have done with it, well Momentis is similar in some ways, certainly that it is a utility company, but Momentis focuses on Green energy and saving both commercial and domestic users money on their bills with a revolutionary way of smoothing out the peaks and troughs of electricity and therefore doing away with the wasted energy that still has to be paid for.

So what of the business opportunity? There has never been a better way of starting your own business than this, at this pre-launch stage they are allowing people to sign up and build their down lines for free, yes for free and in this first week some people have made it to the level of Senior Director, me included.

There is nothing to lose and if you can build a substantial team before launch then you are in a very good position to make a lot of money.


Visit our website and enrol for FREE

Take part in this ground breaking opportunity to be one of the pioneers in the U.K. market for Momentis. With the record breaking advancements Momentis has made in North America, this is Momentis' first step to global expansion. Imagine tapping into the U.K. population that has over 62 million people.

This is your chance to reserve your position as an Independent Representative for Momentis in the U.K. during this Pre-Launch Period.

Imagine if you had got into Utility Warehouse at the beginning?

Now you have a second chance with Momentis. The marketing arm of Just Energy a $3 Billion, publicly traded, direct energy provider is in PRE-LAUNCH in the UK. Just Energy are spending $300 Million in developing the UK market.

Unless you've been hiding under a rock then you probably already know that this past Sunday we officially launched our prelaunch platform which allows you to start building your Momentis team, absolutely free.

 This prelaunch will only happen once,  which means that right now is your chance to get a head start before the masses, build massive momentum, and properly position yourself to profit BIG in the coming months.


This Is A Simple, Lucrative Business With…

    No Selling

    No Convincing

    No Costly Autoships to Maintain

    Simple System For Easy Duplication

    Most Aggressive Compensation Structure In The Industry

    Get Paid Weekly

    Financial Backing From a $3 Billion Energy Giant

    Unlimited Overrides

    No Massive Up-Front Income

    Help Lots of People

    Have Lots of Fun

    And Much, Much More…


Visit our website and enrol for FREE

- Nothing to lose and evryting to gain -


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