9th January 2019
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TEAM Diamond Martial Arts Gym has shiny new kit courtesy of Redrow.


The martial arts gym, based at Regents Park in Nantwich, received £1,000 from Redrow’s Nantwich Community Fund, linked to the homebuilder’s Kingsbourne development. The voluntary fund has distributed £10,000 between seven projects in the local area.


Gemma Coast, from Team Diamond, explained: “We run the club, alongside our full-time jobs, for the love of the sport and to get adults and children from the community active and doing something together. The gym is a very friendly place where people make new friends and it’s very much like a family in itself. Everyone helps each other to achieve their own personal goals whether it just be to get fit and learn a martial art through to competing and winning title belts.


“With the money we received from Redrow we have purchased new corner jackets and capes for our junior and adult fighters. We also bought some gym equipment, new punch bags and focus mitts – all essential equipment as our gym is growing with more members.”


Redrow is a keen supporter of grassroots sport, having also gifted funds to a football team and cheerleading squad in the Nantwich area.


Caroline Thompson-Jones, area sales manager for Redrow Homes (NW), said: “There’s an increasing awareness around the need for people to stay fit and active as part of a healthy lifestyle. In Nantwich there are lots of clubs available to help residents try different sports, like martial arts, to help to improve their fitness levels.”


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Image: Redrow Team Diamond -5 Laura Hayward and Gemma Coast

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