Is your website about to disappear from Google.
10th November 2011
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If you don't update your business website often, you need to rethink your online content strategy.


A few months ago Google unveiled "Panda," an update to their search algorithm that puts a higher priority on high-quality content, and now the search giant has announced a new update that aims to provide users with "the most up-to-date results."


What this means for you 

This latest update is expected to affect as much as 35% of all searches on Google,

Considering the pace that information moves in today’s electronic society, the most recent information can be from last week, or even an hour ago, and depending on the search terms Google’s search algorithm needs to figure out if a result from a week ago about a subject is recent, or not.

This will have a huge impact on searches for recent events or "hot topics," regularly occurring events, and searches for information that changes often but isn't necessarily a trending topic.

So, if your web site does not have fresh current content and information, it will be near impossible to get any visibility on Google.


Thankfully all thebestof business members have no need to worry! website which collectively gets over a million visitors a month is constantly being updated every day of the week with Blogs, Event Listings, Videos, Special Offers, Features and Social Media streams of the most current local information unlike any other website in the United Kingdom.


Your company website needs visibility on Google

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If your business isn’t highly indexed by Google

then you’re not on the internet

- because Google is the Internet -


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