Headquarters Academy for Hair
23rd May 2011
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Headquarters Academy for Hair


A private finishing school devoted to developing the most elite graduates into industry-trained professionals.

Living the dream...

Many young people dream of a career in hairdressing. It's a chance to stretch creatively, stay on the cutting edge of trends and fashion, help clients maximize their potential and mix with like-minded people. A fulfilling career that can be lucrative assuming, that is, you can find a job at a successful salon! And that, sadly, these days is easier said than done.

In today's competitive market place, employers are looking for graduates who can bring immediate value to their organisation. They're looking for stylists who have the demonstrated ability to run a column, work independently alongside a team and are educated in current trends and techniques.

Without experience, it's virtually impossible for graduates to get a job!

Given the economic climate, salons are increasingly reluctant to take a chance on a graduate with no practical experience.

Without a job, it's virtually impossible to get the necessary experience!


According to a report published by Habia, many salons feel that graduates are not adequately prepared for full-time commercial work in a salon

Where dreams become reality...

The Headquarters Training Academy for Hair fills the gap between education and employment, providing real-world experience for elite candidates so that they can excel within the hairdressing industry. It is a “finishing school” for graduates who want an extra edge before entering today's competitive hairdressing industry.



The Academy will open its doors to successful applicants in September 2011

The cornerstones of the curriculum are:


  • Professional Development


Master classes in techniques such as longhair, wedding hair, cutting, and colouring to ensure Graduate Stylists are ready for a fast-paced multi- disciplinary salon.


  • Business Development


Topics such as banking, accounting, promotions, and events will help Graduate Stylists prepare for the real business world.


  • Personal Development


Coaching to stay motivated and build confidence in an increasingly competitive industry.

Graduate Stylists will have the opportunity to hone their knowledge and skills through a variety of weekly theoretical and practical workshops both in-house and at:

Workshops at professional technical academies

Trade shows

Networking events

Product launches

We also invite a number of external suppliers and manufacturers to visit the Academy to lead workshops and demonstrations alongside the in-house education delivery.


There are a limited number of places in the Headquarters’ Academy and so the selection process is rigorous.

If you're interested in applying, please submit the following:

A CV outlining your education and any other relevant credentials.

Certification that you have, or will complete, your NVQ training in hairdressing.

A short paragraph, no longer than 500 words outlining your motivations to become a hairdresser and explaining why you're interested in becoming a Graduate Stylist at the Headquarters Training Academy for Hair.

The names and contact details of one academic reference and one character reference.

Based on the information provided, select applicants will be invited for a series of interviews with founder Helen Douglas and her team

Please submit the above information to

Helen Douglas

Headquarters of Nantwich Ltd

8 Mill Street





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