Business has changed forever!
10th October 2011
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Business has changed forever! - Get over it! - Grasp it! – Move on!

The Internet has changed the face of business forever, and a simple fact is a large business segment has been left behind. The Local Business Owner!

Some of the clearest signs of change in marketing are the rapid decline of Yellow Pages and the spiralling decline of advertising revenue for newspapers. These were once the tried & tested marketing platforms for hundreds of thousands of businesses up and down the UK. – But Not Now!

Very few people under 25 don’t even know what Yellow Pages are, let alone use them, and most other people are moving away from Yellow Pages. So how do these people find out about new products, services and retail outlets?

The answer is Google. Over 90% of all searches carried out in the UK are on Google and this is still growing. The latest figures state over 200 Billion searches a day are performed via Google worldwide.

To be fair this figure is quite incomprehensible when talking about local marketing, let’s have a look at some UK stats.

  • 28.5 million Brits make online purchases.
  • Each month 4.2 million consumers are visiting retailers’ websites.
  • Despite the recession, e-commerce accounted for nearly £123million worth of goods sold in the UK last year.
  • 34% clicked on an ad in response to location specific message.
  • 97% of people with online access will research products and services online before they buy.
  • 55% of all local searches are done with intent to buy.
  • 80% of those local searches result in a call or visit a store.
  • 60% of those result in a purchase.

The points above prove the internet has changed how people, not just buy, but they research before they buy, and they do this in their Millions, day in day out, 24 hours a day!

So what do you do now?

Well, I’m sure you would be happy and a lot wealthier if you and your business could attract just a fraction of these daily searches.

Thankfully, now you can drastically increase your chances with our proven geo targeted techniques. At thebestof we have developed a significant internet presence, for local businesses like you. We are dedicated to helping local businesses reconnect with their local markets via Google, Social Media, You Tube, Word of Mouth and many more options. In total we have over 30 proven specific marketing tools we are able to utilise on your behalf to connect you with your market.

Have a look at our Profile Website here that explains who we are and what we do.

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