BBC School Report Comes to Nantwich
17th March 2012
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On Thursday 15 March, Malbank School and Sixth Form College, Nantwich took part in the BBC School Report, a national project to introduce young people to the life of a news reporter.


RedShift Radio founder Liz Southall was invited to join the day which began with an 8am briefing from school organiser Craig Batty, followed by the arrival of 30 students from Year 8.


From the outset the Media Suite at Malbank was humming with excited conversation about what each group was going to report on and which medium was to be used.


With the goal to have their reports featured on the BBC News website and the interactive Red Button from 6pm that evening, the students had to work in a focused and time-managed fashion.


One group focused on the exciting news that the Olympic Torch is coming to Crewe. Student Tomas Hood said “I've enjoyed today as it has given us a chance to see how it feels to be part of the news on TV”.


Another group worked with Liz from RedShift Radio and students from Malbank Sixth Form to put together a radio news report about healthy eating and the associations with the Olympic sponsors.

Team member Emily Cowap said “I enjoyed today and it has inspired me to look into journalism as a career”.


Pupil Luke Greenall was impressed with the set up of the off-timetable day, “the coffee and croissants at start the day were a treat and made us feel like we were in a real-life work environment”.


Craig Batty said “this is a fantastic opportunity for students to work together and embrace the way news is reported in the 21st Century – they've done a fantastic job!”


Photo left to right:

Luke Greenall, Liz Southall, Tomas Hood, Craig Batty, Emily Cowap


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