Are YOU up to making a PACCT to improve the present and the future for our children.
9th February 2012
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Life offers no FREE PASSES - We are all accountable to the children & young people in our communities and beyond. We have responsibility to be good "parents" - Birth parents, Step-Parents, Grandparents, Foster/Adopting parents, Aunts, Uncles, older Sisters, Brothers, Neighbours, Friends, Local Shop Keepers, the Media, Big Business - the consequences of any of us abdicating from this parenting will affect us all!



When we see danger ahead are we not honour bound to warn others, to try to prevent disasters from happening? Is it only our own children we choose to save from harm? Do we just stand by and watch it happen to others?



PACCT - Parenting And Consumer Culture Today - is an e-campaign run by Well Tree Learning a family run business owned and managed by the wonderful Judith Sharman, a former Head Teacher and Education Consultant.



Being part of PACCT is a way that interested and like-minded parents, families and communities can come together to foster a quality of childhood that will ensure our children and young people develop into resourceful, responsible and successful individuals and, have fun as they are growing up!


We want our children to be attractive and popular individuals because they shine with enthusiasm, are interesting - the sort of people that others want to get to know -  not just because they are good looking, wear the latest designer clothes or carry the latest iPhone brimming with apps!


Are YOU up to making a PACCT to improve the present and the future for our children......for all of us? If the answer is YES then please click here and read the Manifesto.

Discuss PACCT with your friends, set up a PACCT club that meets regularly, send PACCT to your family, email the link to all your contacts and help spread the word!

Simply email and sign up to receive the twice monthly free discussion documents that accompany each letter of the word PARENTS.  Each discussion document expands on the manifesto descriptions and gives suggestions for discussion or for action!



The only thing we ask of you is that you 'pass it on' to as many people you can, giving our contact details so that we can send them the information too!

"If the young are not initiated into the village, they will burn it down just to feel its warmth"

"It takes a whole village to raise one child"

African proverbs



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