Are you thinking of updating your lounge this summer, then why not pop along and see Jayne & Mandy at Betley Stable Interiors
1st August 2011
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Betley Stable Interiors sell a wide variety of quality fabrics and wallpapers and also specialise in handcrafted luxury furniture, whose craftsman are highly skilled and experienced and produce only the finest quality chairs & suites.



They have a new range of James Hare silks. Silk is a beautiful fabric which can have a slub (lump or twist) in it which adds a slight texture to the fabric. The sheen on silk is luxurious and expensive in appearance. Some of the designs are embroidered with exquisite flowers and butterflies and there is a vast array of colours.


Silk is a fantastic fabric for curtains ( it is not really suitable for upholstery, with the exception of an occasional chair and would be used on a French style delicate bedroom chair ) in a dark room, the light can bounce off the silk ,making the room appear lighter.


However silk curtains must be interlined and lined correctly to give the perfect finish and there is no room for bad workmanship, the silk can look like a limp rag if not interlined correctly. Interlining is a bump (like a wadding ) which is locked into place with a laying in stitch, down the length of the fabric. All the work is done by hand and the finished results are fantastic. The big stores don’t do this work properly and skimp, the finished curtains don’t hang nicely.

Good curtains will last for years if properly made, fitted and dressed correctly.

Patterns seem to be on the increase and patterned carpets are making a slight comeback.

The public seem to be appreciating quality products that are made to last. Perhaps the recession has stopped the throwaway society, people seem to be buying British, which is fantastic for us as we make our own furniture on our farm. Being farmers we are all for supporting British products. It reduces the carbon footprint, and who wants a settee from China which has a long lead time ( ie 12 to 16 weeks) which ends up being longer because they won’t ship it until the transport container is full.  We can make a settee and two chairs in a month, covered in any fabric or leather and bespoke to your personal taste and at a sensible price. So much of our manufacturing has gone abroad, which is terrible for the British workforce and the economy.

Betley Stable Interiors, Betley, Crewe, CW3 9BH.

Tel: 01270 820 479

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