Why should I blog? Three reasons to get writing about your Crawley business!
28th June 2013
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The word “blog” is a corruption of “web log” – in other words, it’s your business’ online journal. It’s a great communication tool and a fantastic way to engage your customers. Here’s why:

1. The internet seems to be all about doing things quickly and looking at information in bite-sized chunks. A tweet gives you only 140 characters to get your point across and a detailed Facebook update quickly disappears behind a “see more...” prompt. But people actually need more information than that. When you blog, you really can say everything you want to and share the important details. Customers can get an idea of what you business does from your homepage but they can also click over to the blog to find out more.

2. A blog is a great example of a soft sell. We all know that a hard sell puts people off but if potential customers can read your blog, they can just absorb the information without being under any pressure.

3. Blogging regularly makes Google like your website! We all want our websites to appear on the front page of Google and this can help. Google knows that people use it to find current websites so it looks for ones that have been recently updated. If you’re blogging twice a week, your website’s got a much stronger chance of popping up first than a website where no one ever blogs.

If you think blogging could benefit your business  - and it will! - email crawley@thebestof.co.uk to get yourself set up as a Best of Crawley blog author. Alternatively, get blogging on your own website-  it’s great advertising!


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