The Ups and Downs of caffeine intake
3rd January 2014
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Like many people you may be one of the many that reach for that mug of coffee in the morning to awaken you from your dreamy slumber. But is it beneficial or would you be better off without the Caffeine?

Caffeine has its upsides and its downsides, where as it may give you added energy and improve your mood enabling you to get to work on time and not be nodding off once you get there it also has its detrimental effects such as dependance and the ever fabled caffeine crash.

Could you live without your morning coffee or do you think its an essential to the modern world, where long hours and late nights are commonplace due to our 24 hour twenty first century lifestyle.

Do you rely on your local coffee shop? do you think giant american brands are putting the small time caring barista out of a job. Are giant brands good for local business or slowly creating a culture of copy and paste highstreets all over the country.

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