Pot holes once again cause havoc in lieu of recent wet weather
9th January 2014
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The towns council has seen reports flood in of dangerous pot holes in many of the towns roads causing damage to motorists vehicles and endangering their safety at the same time.

Pieter Montyn, WSCC the cabinet member for highways and transport, explained that the volume of potholes reported is making it impossible for these to be fixed as they occur. Potholes more than 100mm deep will be repaired within five working days. Potholes between 40mm and 100mm will be repaired within 28 days.

Whether these standards will be kept to is particularly doubtful especially with the recent extreme weather and high populous of pot holes arising in the roads of Crawley. I very much doubt road workmen are going to be out measuring every pothole to decide whether it needs to be repaired or not which makes me question why they make such promises in the first place. Surely it would make more sense to find a material that will be less susceptible to Britain's increasingly cold and wet winters and would provide a more sustainable and intelligent way of maintaining the roads rather than having the councils make these petty promises year after year with very little progress ever actually being made.

One such solution a device known as the "jet patcher" which can repair pot holes in 5 minutes with a cost of £60 per pothole is not being used despite it eliminating danger for many motorists. It would be thought with road tax higher than its been ever before that such a solution could be implemented however it seems the Department of highways and transport would prefer to let the problem continue rather than addressing this important issue.

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