Free Business cards for Best of Crawley members
31st July 2013
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Are your business cards up to date? If they need re-doing – or if you don’t have any at all! – take action now. Making and maintaining contacts is vital for business success and well-designed, high quality cards are key.

Your cards not only carry essential contact information but also a design that reflects you and your business, reminding people who you are long after the networking meeting is over. When someone meets you for the first time, he or she doesn’t necessarily need what you’re offering...but people might want to get in touch with you further down the line. You might get talking to someone who is delightful but who hasn’t got any work for you at the moment. The thing is, you want that person to call you in six months’ time when they have got work for you and a great way to do that is to ensure they take – and keep! - your card.

Business cards really back up the personal side of networking. Even in the internet age, customers are looking for a human touch and having one of your cards is a reminder to them of your face-to-face meeting. Because cards are easy to write on, you can even jog a customer’s memory by scribbling on the name of the event you both attended.

Another very important thing is quality. Potential clients are looking to work with smart, professional businesses and it’s vitally important that your cards reflect this. Every day, able, talented entrepreneurs are let down by their homemade business cards – that’s not a mistake any one of us can afford to make.  

We all need effective business cards to bear out the image of our company, remind people who we are and get the right people working with us. That’s why the Best of Crawley has teamed up with one of its newest members, Creative Pod, to offer BoC members free business cards! You’ve only got to look at the work produced by Creative Pod to see the quality of design. It’s also worth noting that they work with a wide variety of companies, including Crawley Town FC, producing not only cards but also logos and company literature.

For FREE business cards and all your other design needs, get in touch with Creative Pod.

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