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Transdermal and Microneedle Drug Delivery Conference 2022
  • Monday 24th January, 9:00am - Until Tuesday 25th January, 5:30pm
SMi is proud to present the Transdermal and Microneedle Drug Delivery Conference, taking place on the 24th to 25th January 2022. Virtual Conference: Online Access Only View event
SMi's 5th Annual 3D Cell Culture Conference
  • Wednesday 9th February, 8:00am - Until Thursday 10th February, 5:30pm
Developing Complex, Translatable and Physiologically-Relevant Cellular Models in Vitro View event
RNA Therapeutics
  • Wednesday 9th February, 9:00am - Until Thursday 10th February, 5:50pm
Bolstering the latest advances and opportunities in RNA-based medicine View event
SMi's Inaugural Robotics and Automation in Pharma Conference
  • Monday 21st February, 8:00am - Until Tuesday 22nd February, 5:30pm
Harnessing and Integrating Robotic Hardware and Automation Solutions in Pharma View event
SMi's 3rd Annual AI in Drug Discovery Conference
  • Monday 14th March, 8:00am - Until Tuesday 15th March, 5:30pm
Exploring the Impact of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Drug Development from Discovery to Healthcare View event
Parallel Trade
  • Monday 21st March, 8:30am - Until Tuesday 22nd March, 5:30pm
Navigating the challenges and legal landscapes of parallel trade across the pharmaceutical industry View event