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RCN Advanced Nurse Practitioner Conference 2018
  • Monday 10th September 9:15am until 3:25pm
If you work or you are aspiring to work at an advanced practice level join us for this inspirational day designed by nurses working in advanced practice. View event
7th European Trial Master File Summit
  • Monday 15th October, 8:00am - Until Wednesday 17th October, 3:15pm
Maintain quality, inspection readiness and data integrity using technology and collaboration for continuous improvement View event
Precision CRISPR: Drug Discovery and Gene Therapy London 2018
  • Monday 22nd October, 8:00am - Until Wednesday 24th October, 5:00pm
Join Precision CRISPR London to take part in conversations around the future of CRISPR gene editing in Europe and the rest of the world. View event
Immunology of Diabetes Society Congress 2018
  • Thursday 25th October, 10:30am - Until Monday 29th October, 1:30pm
The 16th International Diabetes Society Congress will be held in London on 25–29 October 2018 and is organised in partnership with British Society for Immunology. View event
Int. Conference on Paradigm Changes on Early Pregnancy and Pregnancy Loss
  • Thursday 21st February, 8:00am - Until Sunday 24th February, 5:00pm
The International Conference on Paradigm Changes in the Management of Early Pregnancy and Pregnancy Loss (PCMEP) will be held from February 21-24, 2019 in London, UK. View event
2nd World Congress on Maternal Fetal Neonatal Medicine
  • Thursday 4th April, 9:00am - Until Saturday 6th April, 1:00pm
After a successful first congress with over 1,200 participants, the 2nd World Congress on Maternal Fetal Neonatal Medicine (WorldMFNM) will be held in London on 2019. View event