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Food and Drink Events
Steak Wednesdays
  • Wednesday 3rd January, 12:00pm - Until Wednesday 28th February, 10:00pm
It's the middle of the week and we want to showcase some great steaks, carnivores unite and enjoy the offering... View event
Margarita Day Star of Bethnal Green - Shoreditch
  • Thursday 22nd February, 6:00pm - Until Friday 23rd February, 12:00am
It comes but once a year. Get involved. We pay tribute and honour the margarita on this special day of celebration. View event
Margarita Day by The Leyton Star
  • Thursday 22nd February 6:00pm until 11:00pm
It comes but once a year. Get involved. View event
Let's get quizzical - Blind wine tasting quiz - MyFriendCharlie Dating
  • Thursday 1st March 7:00pm until 11:00pm
Fingers on buzzers and let's get quizzical! Come and test your tastebuds in our wine quiz. Pick an event, not a profile, and tell everyone you met through 'MyFriendCharlie'!... View event
Eat and Drink Festival 2018
  • Saturday 17th March, 10:00am - Until Monday 2nd April, 3:00pm
Bringing together artisan food producers, top brands and celebrity chefs, the Eat and Drink Festival 2018 celebrates the very best on offer in the world of food and drink. View event