Research and the Public Good: Ethics, Priorities and Conflicts of Opinion
  • Conway Hall,25 Red Lion Square,London,Uk
    WC1R 4RL
  • Wednesday 31st October 7:30pm until 9:00pm
Nobel Laureate Sir Paul Nurse will consider the aims of scientific research in the light of global challenges and political agendas.

Scientific research is aimed at generating knowledge of the natural world and of ourselves, and also at developing that knowledge into useful applications, including driving innovation for sustainable productive economic growth, for better public services, health, prosperity and quality of life, and for protecting the environment. Therefore, scientific research is very useful, but it is not solely utilitarian because it generates knowledge that more generally enhances humanity through culture and civilisation. In all these senses research is a public good.

Today the world faces major problems: food security, climate change, global health challenges and making economies sustainable, all of which can benefit from scientific research. It is critical for our society to have mature discussions about these issues. Threats to this come from those who distort science because they are driven by their ideology, politics, or religion, as well as from lobbyists, all driving their particular agendas.

The lecture by Nobel Laureate Paul Nurse will explore these topics and will also consider the characteristics of research systems that need to be adopted if science is to be effective at producing reliable knowledge.

For example, what values and practices are required for high quality science? How do these differ across and between discovery science, the translation of findings into practice or policy, and their real-world application? What mechanisms should be in place to decide which research programmes to pursue, which researchers should be supported, and where the research should be done? How can priorities be set? And how can needs be determined and conflicts of opinion resolved concerning societal issues such as climate change, feeding the world, and ensuring a sustainable economy? What are the ethical concerns for research in areas such as health care delivery and military activities?


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