Consent & Mindful Touch
  • The Skylight Centre,
    49 Corsica Street,
    N5 1JT
  • Wednesday 7th November 6:45pm until 9:45pm
Come and explore Mindful Touch within Consent and Boundaries.

An evening workshop where you'll explore consent and what it means to give and receive conscious mindful touch.

  • Improve your personal relationships
  • Give and receive more pleasure
  • Improve your connection and relationship with your body
  • Explore how to feel more sensational touch


"Loved the workshop! I Learned a lot about consent and the different types of touch. The workshop flowed very organically and allowed plenty of space for practical exploration of touch as well as boundaries. I came out with so much awareness of what I enjoy and don't and where I am on the wheel of consent in different situations in my life." - Asselle

"A brilliant reminder and experience of the different intentions it is possible to touch and be touched, and the quality of presence and energy and connection we can have with another. It brought a new quality and awareness into my touch with my partner." - Jemma

You'll learn:                                                  

• Five modalities of touch and how to incorporate them into your personal relationships

• The importance of energy body and how to transmit and receive energy

• How awareness of your posture, breathing and intention impacts the quality of your touch

• How to express boundaries and practice asking for and receiving exactly how you want to be touched

• Learn and experience the "Wheel of Consent" by Dr Betty Martin. Understand when you enter a state of "tolerating" and what you can do instead.

• Understand what it means to "Take", "Serve", "Allow" and "Accept" touch

Further information

This is a fully-clothed workshop. There will be some partnered work in short exercises. You will be able to express and explore your boundaries; listen to your inner wisdom and ask to be touched in a way that matches what you desire.

Singles, couples and any gender identity and sexual orientation are welcome.

Intensity level

Intensity Level: Light

Suitable for: Anyone who wants to learn how to give and receive more pleasurable touch. Anyone who wants to improve their connection and appreciation to their body. Anyone who wants to improve their understanding of consent and boundaries.

Who are your hosts?

Sanjay Joshi is a Life Coach. He guides people in improving their intimate relationships and increasing their capacity for pleasure. Sanjay's coaching sessions facilitate his clients in living from their purpose and having genuine, deep, loving, connections with themselves and others. Sanjay's also a Certified Tantra Educator and specialises in tantra massage/healings which facilitate women in experiencing and having exquisite pleasure, establishing their boundaries and forming great conscious pleasurable relationships.

Natalie Ford is an Authenticity & Empowerment guide, passionate about people feeling depth, connection and at ease in their own skin. Natalie wants you to feel amazing about yourself! She believes it's our BIRTHRIGHT to own our body, our pleasure, our right to say yes/no, to carve our own path and to stand fully in our truth. Natalie will help empower you to live without fear, shame or guilt!

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