Chance for gaming fans to play Starlink ‘Battle for Atlas’ two months early at KidZania London
  • KidZania London, Westfield London Shopping Centre, Ariel Way, White City, London
    W12 7GA
  • Friday 19th October, 10:00am - Until Saturday 20th October, 7:00am
    See future dates
KidZania London – the indoor city run by kids at Westfield White City, is launching a brand new Starlink Space Station activity on Tuesday 14 August, giving gamers the chance to trial the game two whole months ahead of its official release.

For gaming fans across the UK eagerly awaiting the hotly anticipated launch of Starlink, the new intergalactic space game from Ubisoft, the wait may be over sooner than you think. While the game isn’t due for release until Tuesday 16 October, KidZania London – the indoor city run by kids at Westfield White City, is launching a brand new Starlink Space Station activity on Tuesday 14 August, giving gamers the chance to trial the game two whole months ahead of its official release. 

The Starlink Space Station, created in partnership with Ubisoft, will aim to inspire visitors to learn more about the solar system by taking them on an exciting adventure through the living star system of Atlas. 

Split over two rooms, Interstellar Space Cadets will first be briefed on their mission and learn all about Atlas, the real triple star system with seven planets. Cadets will then learn how to customise and create the space model of their dreams in the Starlink Battle for Atlas game, before embarking on a journey through the Atlas Star System by playing the game.  

Testing and navigating their ship, they will explore how each planet has it’s own ecosystem, wildlife and secrets to uncover. Along the way, they’ll encounter many challenges that they will have to act upon carefully, encouraging strong thinking and problem-solving skills.

Future dates
  • Saturday 20th October, 10:00am - Until Sunday 21st October, 7:00am
  • Sunday 21st October, 10:00am - Until Monday 22nd October, 7:00am
  • Monday 22nd October, 10:00am - Until Tuesday 23rd October, 7:00am
  • Tuesday 23rd October, 10:00am - Until Wednesday 24th October, 7:00am
  • Wednesday 24th October, 10:00am - Until Thursday 25th October, 7:00am
  • Thursday 25th October, 10:00am - Until Friday 26th October, 7:00am
  • Friday 26th October, 10:00am - Until Saturday 27th October, 7:00am
  • Saturday 27th October, 10:00am - Until Sunday 28th October, 7:00am
  • Sunday 28th October, 10:00am - Until Monday 29th October, 7:00am
  • Monday 29th October, 10:00am - Until Tuesday 30th October, 7:00am
  • Tuesday 30th October, 10:00am - Until Wednesday 31st October, 7:00am
  • Wednesday 31st October, 10:00am - Until Thursday 1st November, 7:00am
  • Thursday 1st November, 10:00am - Until Friday 2nd November, 7:00am
  • Friday 2nd November, 10:00am - Until Saturday 3rd November, 7:00am
  • Saturday 3rd November, 10:00am - Until Sunday 4th November, 7:00am
  • Sunday 4th November, 10:00am - Until Monday 5th November, 7:00am
  • Monday 5th November, 10:00am - Until Tuesday 6th November, 7:00am
  • Tuesday 6th November, 10:00am - Until Wednesday 7th November, 7:00am
  • Wednesday 7th November, 10:00am - Until Thursday 8th November, 7:00am
  • Thursday 8th November, 10:00am - Until Friday 9th November, 7:00am
  • Friday 9th November, 10:00am - Until Saturday 10th November, 7:00am
  • Saturday 10th November, 10:00am - Until Sunday 11th November, 7:00am
  • Sunday 11th November, 10:00am - Until Monday 12th November, 7:00am
  • Monday 12th November, 10:00am - Until Tuesday 13th November, 7:00am
  • Tuesday 13th November, 10:00am - Until Wednesday 14th November, 7:00am
  • Wednesday 14th November, 10:00am - Until Thursday 15th November, 7:00am
  • Thursday 15th November, 10:00am - Until Friday 16th November, 7:00am
  • Friday 16th November, 10:00am - Until Saturday 17th November, 7:00am
  • Saturday 17th November, 10:00am - Until Sunday 18th November, 7:00am
  • Sunday 18th November, 10:00am - Until Monday 19th November, 7:00am
  • Monday 19th November, 10:00am - Until Tuesday 20th November, 7:00am
  • Tuesday 20th November, 10:00am - Until Wednesday 21st November, 7:00am
  • Wednesday 21st November, 10:00am - Until Thursday 22nd November, 7:00am
  • Thursday 22nd November, 10:00am - Until Friday 23rd November, 7:00am
  • Friday 23rd November, 10:00am - Until Saturday 24th November, 7:00am
  • Saturday 24th November, 10:00am - Until Sunday 25th November, 7:00am
  • Sunday 25th November, 10:00am - Until Monday 26th November, 7:00am
  • Monday 26th November, 10:00am - Until Tuesday 27th November, 7:00am
  • Tuesday 27th November, 10:00am - Until Wednesday 28th November, 7:00am
  • Wednesday 28th November, 10:00am - Until Thursday 29th November, 7:00am
  • Thursday 29th November, 10:00am - Until Friday 30th November, 7:00am
  • Friday 30th November, 10:00am - Until Saturday 1st December, 7:00am
  • Saturday 1st December, 10:00am - Until Sunday 2nd December, 7:00am
  • Sunday 2nd December, 10:00am - Until Monday 3rd December, 7:00am
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  • Wednesday 12th December, 10:00am - Until Thursday 13th December, 7:00am
  • Thursday 13th December, 10:00am - Until Friday 14th December, 7:00am
  • Friday 14th December, 10:00am - Until Saturday 15th December, 7:00am
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