Trends of architectural styles of houses in London and other large UK cities include porches and other traditional elements
24th November 2019
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Innovations in architectural style follow their own course and different trends and elements are introduced every year. However, at times we see traditional elements of architecture make a comeback. It seems porches are on the rise over the last couple of years in the United Kingdom.


What exactly is a porch?

In brief, a porch is just a covered shelter projecting from the entrance of a house or building. Whether you have a porch or are considering one, porches can be extremely useful extra areas of your home and are a traditional design extra that has been around for many years, even dating back to Roman times. American style porches are slightly different, they have a roofed structure at the front of the building or house, with no walls, and are mainly a part of the garden rather than the house. Here in the United Kingdom, a porch is a walled extension attached to the main door of the house or building.

These are some of the main benefits of adding a porch to a house:


Aesthetics are important

Who doesn’t like a beautiful house? A welcoming entrance for guests, porches can also be a very attractive feature of your house where you can welcome visitors and family. Whether made from uPVC, aluminium or brick, porches can be customised and tailored to match your house’s aesthetic and style.


Being energy efficient

When designed and built efficiently to the highest standard, porches can help reduce heat loss in your home. With proper insulation and use of uPVC, a porch will help regulate heat within the property. Hence, in the long run, it will save you money when it comes to your heating and energy bills.


Extra security

Another substantial benefit of fitting a porch onto a house is that it can increase security. From a delivery courier to a salesman, porches will act as a barrier between you and your family and any unwanted visitor, and it will definitely help you feel safe. It really acts as a second front door area, and thus any burglar will have to make it past 2 locks, instead of just one. A porch can discourage break-ins, particularly as many property owners consider installing alarms in the porch areas.


More storage space

As an extra area of your property, porches can also act as a place to store coats, bags, shoes and any pet supplies, including dog leads and cat flaps. Rather than using the space under the stairs or shoving them into your cupboard, a porch will be a very appreciated area to take off your wet coat and free yourself of those muddy shoes before stepping into your house.


Property value

While a porch can add some extra value to your home, it is also a feature that many perusing home owners look for in a property. The extra storage space is always welcome and very much in demand when it comes to home viewings, and if you make the room look like a useful part of the home, this may add a couple of per cent to the value of the house.

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