London's biggest architectural trends of 2020
29th June 2020
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As the United Kingdom’s capital, London is notorious for its devotion to dynamic design – and while art exhibitions may be high on the city’s event calendar, London’s housing sphere is definitely on trend, too.

As the epicentre of UK’s architectural scene, the city of London has its finger firmly on the pulse of design shifts. Throughout the following lines we are going to discuss some of the latest residential architecture trends.


1. Heritage

Whether your home is in the heart of the city or in the suburbs, when it comes to the city of London, architecture plays a key role in its appeal. In London, more and more residents are moving towards homes with some history. Despite actually requiring a touch more TLC than new buildings, older building come brimming with large amounts of personality. If you are on the hunt for a Victorian house, there is no better place than London.


2. Wallpaper is back

Looking for a space with a view? As wallpaper makes its return to the interior architecture landscape, it is now easier than ever to create a vibrant vision. It will probably require more effort than simply painting a wall – but when done properly, wallpapers can be as impactful as the best paint job. With fine art landscape wallpaper growing in popularity, there are many unique ways to overhaul your interior. There is no artistic skill set required!


3. Being outside in

We are getting past the industrial design, and thus nature is making its way into the spotlight again. With a focus on natural lighting (will discuss this later) and plants aplenty, this is the ultimate interior trend. From experimenting with rustic reds all the way to finding new ways to incorporate wood into your spaces, by embracing nature and light, you can breathe life back into your interior.


4. The colour

When it comes to colour selection, neutral shades have dominated the interior architecture scene during the recent years – but white and grey walls are paling in comparison to the cheerful array of colours that are bursting onto the city’s radar. Optimising your colour palette can happen to be one of the exciting parts of shaking up the interior design work. From soft pink pastels to cold blues, there are any number of wonderful shades out there for you to fill the blank canvas that is your space.


5. Contrast

If you usually like making a statement, the most recent trend will be right up your street. Colour is coming back on the scene, and so we will see contrast in other areas, too. With a variety of materials, textures and shades ready to be mixed up, this trend is not so much about competing, but about complementing instead.


In the ever-changing universe of design, it can be extremely difficult to stay ahead of the game. However, when it comes to residential architects, the city of London is actually one step ahead. London has some of the best designers, helping city dwellers inject a dose of personality into their houses and place them on the international map of architectural excellence.

Architecture is a practice that is constantly evolving, and it’s continually seeking to push the boundaries of what a space, a community or a building should look like. Every single year brings some new trends as well as inspirations in architecture, with very ambitious architects drawing upon technological advancements to design unique buildings. There are a few key architectural trends in 2020 that are changing our urban landscape.


Sustainability and eco-friendliness

A long-standing trend in the architecture scene and one that is set to grow in 2020 and 2021 is sustainability. An increase in sensitivity to the wellbeing of our planet Earth, to the finite nature of our resources, and an international commitment to address climate change issues, has led architects to adopt a more mindful way of thinking when it comes to design. By minimising the negative impact the construction of a building has on the environment, and through the use of predominantly sustainable materials, from the very moment they’re printing architectural plans and visualising their design, architects in 2020 hope to lay the foundations for a more eco-friendly future within the industry.


Natural light

There is a rising awareness in the design scene of the need to incorporate natural elements into our homes and workplaces. This is clearly reflected in the drift towards building and office designs that allow for the inflow of more natural light. Natural lighting is much more appealing than artificial lighting for most of us, and it has been scientifically established that it contributes positively to our feelings and wellbeing. From an aesthetical point of view, larger windows can serve to enhance the style of a house and to provide a feeling of openness.


Community oriented design

A community oriented design recognises the intersection between people, and the built and natural environment. It is a holistic approach to architecture and it has been pioneered by the Danish architect Bjarke Ingels and his studio BIG in Copengahen. It aims to promote architectural projects that engage the community. This approach is actually helping to change the way we think about architecture, by engaging us in a process in which we have traditionally been excluded.


Smarter homes and buildings

In 2020, technology continues to enhance the abilities of architects to generate futuristic homes and buildings that are set to improve our experiences and lives overall. This is more obvious in the smart building scene, where virtual assistants, wireless sound systems, smart appliances and smart heating systems are synchronised to add to our comfort. Architects are beginning to incorporate these elements at the very first phases of their designs, instead of being thought of as an afterthought, the smart building trend has the potential to create a real revolution when it comes to the way we live.

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