Londoners are following these internal door trends for their homes
21st October 2020
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The use of internal doors with eye-catching finishes and designs can add to the ‘wow’ factor to our homes, and Londoners are realising this is something they need to pay attention to. Every home is different and each Londoner has his or her own particular style and tastes. We all have our own favourite colours, styles of furniture and accessories we can’t live without. Our spaces ultimately reflect our own personalities, and this is precisely why most of us take pride in making it warm, cosy and inviting for our visitors and guests. Doors are not something we usually consider an important furniture piece in the house, however these doors are symbols of both function and form, and they definitely have an impact on the overall interior design.

Selecting the right type of doors to suit your home is truly important. Trends frequently provide us with the needed inspiration. Read on to learn more about different door options for your home in London, if you are thinking about upgrading the internal doors of your home, you are in the right place for inspiration.

As well as helping to complete a specific ‘look’, the intentional selection of doors can reinforce the quality of the build as well as its perceived value. It is no surprise that internal doors are a popular choice among homeowners and interior designers alike.

For any Londoner looking to create a unique space, going for high spec fixtures that are unique is a must. Any bespoke internal doors selected must exude quality, combining superior detailing with expert joinery.

If you are looking to buy an internal door this year, it is always a good idea to keep up with the current internal door design trends. Interior design décor trends change as frequently as the fashion industry does so there are always certain looks that retain a classic style. What are the trends in bespoke internal door design in London right now?  Read on to find out. Happy internal door hunting!


Flush doors

What exactly are flush doors? Flush doors offer a minimalistic and simplistic design that is mainly used in modern homes. They feature plain facings and are also available as external doors. They are very durable as well as functional, and support a solid or stave core. Solid flush doors are usually heavier than other options, as solid flush doors are ideal when used to form a passage between rooms.

Why are they so appealing? Interior design specialists consider internal flush doors as one of the most popular doors of 2020. Simply because they are affordable, pocket friendly and offer a unique look. The smooth and simple facings is the aspect that makes them so popular in minimalist interiors. Flush doors provide functionality, strength, durability and insulation in the house.


Laminate doors 

We have seen an increase in the popularity of laminate doors this year. There are many who love the sleek sophistication of this look. The pre-finished wood effect doors allow people to pick from the on-trend colours ivory to grey. Add some style to your space with these contemporary and stylish doors.


Wood stains doors

One of the ideal methods for finishing your door is using a wood stain. Instead of hiding the timber’s natural look, a benefit of a stain is that the translucency lets the grain to shine through. Staining is a method often used for timbers, highlighted by its natural beauty. Oak has always been very popular, but in recent years walnut and chestnut are also growing in popularity.


Bifold doors

What exactly are bifold doors? These doors are also known as folding doors or sliding doors. They are actually made from a series of panels that basically fold up against the wall. Bifold doors can be utilised as internal doors as well as external doors, but normally they are used inside the property to optimise space in smaller areas.

Why are these doors appealing? These doors come in different styles to compliment your existing interior design, whether it’s traditional, contemporary or modern. These doors are flexible, durable and attractive. Bifold doors can be utilised as wardrobe doors and more throughout the house where space is short.


Opening up your space with pocket doors

Space-saving is more popular over recent years, as many people are looking at potential ways to increase their property’s internal space. The majority of door styles can actually be fitted with a pocket system, and thus there is no need to compromise on your existing door’s look if you think this the right option for you.

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